The Family Stone MAG

By Katie C., Boardman, OH

     When you hear the title “The Family Stone,” you probably think of a rock or possibly an heirloom. It is, however, the title of one of 2005’s greatest films.

Despite its lack of promotion, “The Family Stone” has an all-star cast including Sarah Jessica Parker (whose performance earned a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a musical or comedy), Luke Wilson, Diane Keaton, Claire Danes and Rachel McAdams.

The movie is about a non-traditional, slightly dysfunctional family trying to accept new people. It starts with the eldest son bringing his uptight girlfriend home for Christmas (played wonderfully by Parker), where she is ridiculed and made to feel extremely out-of-place by the family.

Some unexpected themes appear, including the origin of homosexuality, racial discrimination and drug references, all of which land Parker’s character in sticky situations.

Although most of the time is spent ostracizing the girlfriend, the movie also focuses on serious issues, including the fact that the mother’s (Diane Keaton) breast cancer has returned and that the homosexual son and his partner want to adopt a child. The quick wit of the dialogue, however, brings a more subdued interpretation to these problems.

“The Family Stone” is perfectly humorous, surprisingly touching and heartwarming, and an overall terrific movie that the entire family will enjoy. It would probably not be a good date movie because of the tension at the beginning for the unwelcome girlfriend, which could, in turn, lead to your own relationship problems.

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