Kick-ass 2

September 1, 2013
As promised, here is my review for Kick-ass 2. Heh, rhyme.
Kick-ass 2! At last. So kick-ass 2 is a sequel to Kick-ass one, and if you haven't Kick-ass 1: go watch it. Anyway, Kick-ass 2 stars all the same actors from the first movie, and some new ones including Jim Carrey. Kick-ass and Hit-girl have made their mark on the world, and more and more superheroes have risen as a result. Including Colonel Stars and Stripes, played Jim Carrey. But Chris D'Amico wants revenge on Kick-ass for blowing up his dad with a bazooka and stops being Red Mist. Instead, he dons a leather outfit and becomes: Somewhere the Joker is thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?" Anyway, the MF is building an evil army to destroy Kick-ass and he joins forces with these other heroes to try and stop MF from 'taking over the town'? And getting revenge.
Meanwhile, Hitgirl is trying to be a normal kid. And I really liked seeing her go through that story arc. But that idea was risky. I mean, Hitgirl wasn't in the movie that much. I mean Mindy was, but she wasn't in the Hitgirl costume.
But I loved Kick-ass 2. I'm not sure it's possible to like Kick-ass 1 and just hate Kick-ass 2. It's a different director but he did a good job reviving he who is known as Kick-ass. There was a cliff hanger at the end that might bring us another movie, but it could just be a tease. A kick-ass trilogy would be awesome, but who knows? But all-in-all, Kick-ass 2 kicked ass. There were a ton of REALLY good moments in this movie. This movie took a huge risk and they made it worked. It's suspenseful, action-packed, tragic at some points, and hilarious. I loved this movie and will buy it on DVD. A 4.4 out of 5!
So have you seen Kick-ass 2? Have you seen Kick-ass 1? What'd you think of it? For those of you who have seen it #2, do you think we'll get a Kick-ass 3? Comment below, let me know. And you know the rest. Bye-bye.

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