Chicago MAG

By Laurie S., New City, NY

     If you’re looking for an enjoyable movie to rent, I highly suggest “Chicago.” This film is colorful, smart, and definitely not a waste of two hours.

Based on the Broadway show, “Chicago” is a musical, but don’t be turned off by that. Many musical films fail to create an easy-to-follow storyline or include actual acting, but “Chicago” is different. The actors sing a number of great and even humorous songs. They also create such wonderful and believable characters that almost anyone can enjoy this movie.

The dancing is also top-notch, and the singing and dancing are smartly woven throughout. You are never bombarded with too much music, yet there are no boring moments when you wish they would include a song.

Some of the great performances come from Queen Latifah as Mama Morto, Renée

Zellweger as Roxie Hart, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly. The vivid images of the city provide a realistic backdrop, and the dialogue is witty.

Even if you’re not into musicals, I suggest giving “Chicago” a chance because all the nominations and awards it received speak for themselves.

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