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Captain America: The First Avenger

America! America! America! Did I mention America? AMERICA!
Captain America: The First Avenger! Finally, the last movie that built up to the Avengers and there was a lot of pressure riding on this one. Mainly because if this movie failed, the Avengers movie would've been built on bricks of sh*t. Thank goodness it did not fail. The story focuses around Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans. His first superhero role (I think) was the Human Torch. I thought he was pretty good in those movies but I'll talk about those another time. Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers in this movie and wow. He is skinny. He looks like Chris Evans if he had AIDs and if his face was photo-shopped onto Gollum's body. I mean, wow. Steve Rogers in this movie is so patriotic. He wants to serve his country more than anything, but he can't because he's an asthmatic and, you know, he's skinny. Now that I think about it, you don't see many people like that do you? These days people are like, "Whoa, whoa. I know you're paying for four years of college, but no thank you." Steve Rogers is pretty much a goody-good but I like his attitude. I normally can't stay goody-goods, but Rogers is different. But, because of his patriotic attitude, Dr. Abraham Erskine believes that he is the right one for the Super-Soldier experiment. So he becomes the mighty symbol of America: Captain America! Now that they have their Super Soldier, what do they do? Turn him into a propaganda piece. Wait, what? Yes, they make him a propaganda piece in order to give the people hope. But, I for one would feel a hell of a lot safer if he was out there kicking ass. And after a while, Steve gets tired of it and he does exactly that. He goes out and rescues some prisoners. Now Hugo Weaving plays the main bad guy, the Red Skull. And I couldn't picture anyone else in that role other than Hugo Weaving. The Red Skull is one of those old fashioned comic book villains who just wants to destroy everything. And Captain America ties in with Thor a little bit. I like it that these tie-in movies actually tie in. We see the Skull trying to harness the power of the Tesseract we saw at the end of Thor. Skull is going to use that to destroy the world. Now, in this movie, we also see Howard Stark. He's the one who developed the shield and the costume. And if you pay close attention, you can hear Stark use the word Vibranium. Just a word for the use of a word, or something that may affect the Avengers later on? Hmm. Anyway, as we approach the climax, we finally see Captain America and the Skull face off, and the Skull is said to be vaporized by the Tesseract, but most fans think not. They say that Skull was transported through time, and that we may see him in Avengers phase 2. I'd love to see that. And like the comics, Cap gets frozen in ice and awakens decades later where he meets Nick Fury. Yes. The team is complete. And the credits say that Captain America will return in the Avengers, and I think we get a sneak peek of the Avengers.
So in the end, I had a blast with the movie. It's action packed, it's funny, and it's a tad suspenseful. I'd going to have to say that it's a 4.5 out of 5. Worth buying of DVD. I should know, because I bought it on DVD. It is a must to see if you want to check out the Avengers. So have you seen Captain America: The First Avenger? Are you looking forward to Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Which is your favorite movie leading up to the Avengers? Comment below, let me know. And I'll get around to reviewing the Avengers. Ta-ta for now.

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