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By Pedro F., Coral Springs, FL

     In Robin Williams’ new film, “Man of the Year,” he plays political satirist Tom Dobbs, a talk-show host who is encouraged by his audience to run for President. Dobbs gains support through his humor and “tell it like it is” attitude, eventually making it onto the presidential ballot as an Independent. He goes onto win the election, but there is a plot twist involving the accuracy of the electronic voting machines.

I was disappointed with “Man of the Year,” and I felt quite misled by the trailers. I expected the movie to be a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud comedy full of Williams’ witty jokes. Instead, the majority of the movie is somewhat suspenseful, as the plot revolves around the head honcho of the voting machine company (Jeff Goldblum) trying to kill the employee (Laura Linney) who discovers the glitch in the tallying program. Linney’s character, Eleanor Green, is Dobbs’ love interest, and therefore drags Dobbs directly into the suspense.

Some parts are funny, but they are during Dobbs’ time on the campaign trail and his TV show. Williams’ performance in the presidential debate scene is memorable because it’s funny and it seems as if he is speaking directly to the Bush administration. Christopher Walken’s supporting role as Jack Menken, Dobbs’ producer, is also a high point, as he adds charm and

humor to the otherwise dull scenes where Williams has to

be serious.

I wish the plot focused more on Williams’ time as a funny politician rather than on Linney’s attempt to escape being killed. Sure, she’s not a bad actress, but the movie should have revolved around Williams and his comedic talent, not on some dumb plot where the funniest president-elect has to save his love interest from the hands of corporate scum.

I still recommend this movie for its high points, which are Williams’ scenes on the campaign trail and Christopher Walken’s performance as Dobbs’ sidekick. The movie failed as a comedy and it failed as a thriller because it attempted to combine the two rather than sticking to one. Robin Williams can act in thrillers, there’s no doubt about that, but when your protagonist is a Jon Stewart-like talk-show host who becomes President, and he happens to be played by Robin Williams, you might want to take advantage of that and make one incredible comedy.

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