The Number 23 MAG

By Tannon D., Garretson, SD

      Wow, it’s everywhere! The number 23 is controlling and wrecking my life! This is what I said after seeing “The Number 23.” Instantly following the film, we viewers are struck with the 23 enigma. The number 23 is everywhere, from my birthday to my favorite sports superstar, Michael Jordan.

The movie also follows Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) after he is bitten by a mysterious dog. His wife (Virginia Madsen), picks up a book titled The Number 23, written by one Topsy Kretts, for Walter’s birthday. Instantly Walter becomes addicted to it and finds correlations between the book’s main character (also portrayed by Carrey) and himself.

During the film, it seems as if everything in Sparrow’s life is linked to this number, which is filled with bad luck, murders, and horror stories. I do not want to spoil it, but I will tell you the ending is a surprise and will leave you amazed.

“The Number 23” is an awesome thriller that will make your head spin. Jim Carrey plays a serious role that strays from his usual comedies. In my opinion, he is brilliant. I now see the number 23 everywhere and I know you will too. Just trust me, this is a captivating film. It’s a must-see in my book!

This movie is rated R.

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i love this so much!


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