Evil Dead (2013)

June 24, 2013
By Cyber-Skull PLATINUM, Norfolk, Virginia
Cyber-Skull PLATINUM, Norfolk, Virginia
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When this movie first came out, I went to see it with my friends and I saw it twice with one of my best friends. It's been about 3 or 4 months since we saw the movie: AND I STILL REMEMBER IT!!! It's that memorable.
Evil Dead. Imagine someone with a multi-voice saying that: it's awesome. So Evil Dead is a reboot to Sam Rami's classic Evil Dead trilogy from the 80's. The original trilogy includes Evil Dead (of course), Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness. And I heard that there are plans for a sequel of this movie, as well as Army of Darkness (yes, we are getting an Army of Darkness 2, I think, and I hope). When I first heard news of this being a reboot, I said and I quote, "Meh." To be perfectly honest, I didn't really care about Evil Dead at that time, but I got interested at some point, so you can consider me a fan. But there are bigger fans out there. I mean, have you seen Theherooftime42 review this movie? Check it out. And I apologize to Evil Dead. Both my friend and I thought this movie was going to suck, since most remakes stink, but boy were we wrong. For those of you who don't know, Evil Dead is the story about a group of friends who go to a creepy abandoned cabin in the woods for the weekend. Why would the do this? Because one of the friends, Mia, is a drug-addict who needs help being detoxed. However, they stumble across a trap door, and find a book downstairs. In the original trilogy, the book is referred to as the Necronomicon. It is a book made of human flesh with Satanic imagery written in blood. Why the hell would anyone read that? If it were me, I'd get the hell out of there. And one of the friends foolishly reads the book and unleashes a demon spirit that corrupts the bodies of them one by one. Yeah, did I mention that the idiot who read the book was a teacher? Someone take away his teaching license! Anyway, the girl Mia tries to run away, but is met by the demon and is corrupted. They others lock her in the basement, and the book explains what will happen if the demon is unleashed and each character is either killed, driven insane, or becomes possessed themselves. For the record, this movie isn't really scary, but it's full of disturbing imagery. This movie resurrected the classic gory gruesomeness horror movies had in the old days. The obvious strong suit of the film is its violence and gore. Throughout the movie, we see the characters getting stabbed, cut up, puked on, shot with a nail gun and all sorts of crazy sh#t. Yeah, a demonically possessed person and nail-guns do not mix, well they do for them, but not for anyone else in the room. Now, I mentioned Mia earlier because her being detoxed was a plot-point, but also because she's the main character. Yeah the movie focuses mostly on her brother, until he gets killed off, and the torch is passed to Mia. Throughout a majority of the film, Mia is a demon possessed psycho. Her brother, whose name I cannot remember, works to try and free his sister from the demon spirit, but also works to keep his sanity in tact. That would be a good idea. But aside from the idiot teacher, Mia, and her brother the characters are not very memorable. At some points in this movie, the dialogue feels pretty forced. But despite my nitpicking, this movie was a good film that took the horror genre back to what it was in the 80's with props, gore, and no CGI. It's not scary, but it's disturbingly gory. That awesomeness could often make you cringe, but it's that good feeling when you cringe. It's gory, disturbing, and just awesome overall. I'm going to say that Evil Dead is worth buying on DVD. A solid 4.3 out of 5.
Now, spoiler alert, but at the end of the credits we see something that both my friend and I thought was just badass. After the credits, you see the man himself, the master of disaster: Bruce Campbell! Yes, that guarantees a sequel right there people. Also, through the credits if you're an true Evil Dead fan, you will recognize the tape recording from Evil Dead playing during the credits. Speaking of that, for you Evil Dead fans out there, you can see some old Evil Dead references if you look close enough. Like if you try hard enough you can see Bruce Campbell's car from the first Evil Dead, or Bruce Campbell's girlfriend's sweatshirt from Evil Dead 2. And of course you've got the chainsaw. Epic.
I won't spoil anything else for you but I have to ask: Have you seen the Evil Dead reboot? What did you think? 'Do you like scary movies?' Sorry, that was Scream. Wrong movie. Either way comment below, let me know. And besides my other reviews, check out Theherooftime42's review of Evil Dead. Bye-bye.

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