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June 20, 2013
I recently saw the new film titled, "Man of Steel" I think it is clear based on the title what this means. Superman is back on the the big screen! There are so many reasons on why this movie was so great. To start off the action in this movie was unreal in the sense that not only was it there but it was realistic, entertaining, and appealing to the audience. Another great reason is because the storyline behind this movie was great. I would like to give a brief summary of the story line now.

On the planet Krypton there is a huge crisis not economically or politically, but in the sense of the whole planet is going to explode... Literally. In a last effort to save the Kryptonian race Jor El sends his son Kal El (Superman) off in a space ship to the planet Earth. To skip further to the point Kal El (know on Earth as Clark Kent) hides who he really is in the fear that the world would reject him. Eventually it gets to a point when General Zod comes to Earth and threatens the planets safety and Clark realizes the time for hiding is over. Battles ravage the city and the ending... Well you'll have to see for your self.

Some great aspects to this movie were that Superman wasn't the classic, "Great Scott" Superman which I think people will like. He had a sense of humor with one line saying, "Listen I know you want to know where I hang my cape at night but its just not gonna happen." This feature to Superman was just great.

To me this movies was undoubtedly an easy candidate for movie of the year. My family showed up 30 people deep and we all loved it! If it needed a rating I would say this was definitely a 10 out of 10.

If you get the chance this is definitely a movie I would recommend going to see with the friends or the family!!!

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