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Here is my review of the movie the started the Avengers franchise: Iron Man!
So Iron Man is the story about the life of billionaire playboy Tony Stark, played by Robert Downy Jr. And for the record, Robert Downy Jr owns the role of Tony Stark, because he pretty much is Tony Stark. So, Tony makes weapons, just like his dad who, isn't around. Yeah, it's emphasized that he's dead, but we aren't how he died exactly. Anyway, Tony makes weapons for the military, and after a traumatic event, he decides to stop making weapons and he shuts down the weapon manufacturing parts of his company. You see, on his way back from a weapons demonstration, he gets ambushed and captured by terrorists called the 10 rings. Yeah, I thought it was the Mandarin, too. But by using his genius level intellect, he breaks out and destroys the stashes of weapons they had, mainly because they were his stolen weapons. After that, he stops his weapon manufacturers because he "saw young Americans killed by the very weapons he made to protect them." That is what he said anyway. So he made a prototype of the Iron man suit to escape, which is what most of us saw in the trailers. And he made upgrades, and uses his suit to hunt down and stop bad guys.
On to the villains of the story: The Iron Monger. I didn't read many comics growing up, but I was familiar with some of the Iron man villains like Whiplash, Mandarin, and Titanium Man, but I have never heard of the Iron Monger. Obadiah Stane is Tony's business partner, who is not happy with him shutting down the weapon manufacturing, so at least the bad guy has a motivation other than just being bad. Tony's love interest, Pepper Potts, isn't really his love interest until the end of the second movie, but it's obvious they'll end up together. So the story is much easier to follow than Sherlock Holmes. The redesigning of the characters is great and they are all likable. The Iron man brought to life was a dream come true to comic geeks and superhero fan-boys. It's funny, it's epic, it's Iron man! I give it a 5 out of 5 with the title of Awesometastic!
And let's not forget the scene everyone remembers after the end credits: when Tony meets Nick Fury. Seeing that made my jaw drop, because I knew we would get an Avengers movie, and we did. I'll review that soon enough, but until then, look out for my review of the Incredible Hulk; coming soon.

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