The hangovers 3

June 4, 2013
Though a part of the trilogy, "The
Hangover Part III" is unique in its
own way. It ditches the formulaic
setup of the first two installments for
a straightforward story. It also packs
in some excellent action-thriller
sequences to give wholesome
Fans of the franchise will catch up
the story from the very word go. But
for those who are first time viewers of
the series, it is the adventures of four
friends, the Wolfpack - Phil (Bradley
Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Doug
(Justin Bartha) and Alan (Zach
In terms of the story, "The Hangover"
was of how three very different guys
affect one another and form a bond;
"Hangover II" was Stu’s story of
“personal discovery” and the third
film focuses on how Alan matures
into an adult.
And like the previous two films, “The
Hangover Part III’ too has a team
member in peril; a mystery for the
Wolfpack to solve; a set piece-to-set
piece progression of clues that
deliver some twisted moments and
raunchy humour.
The film begins like an action film
with Chow (Ken Jeong) a conman and
criminal escaping from a chaotic Thai
On the other hand, 42-year-old Alan
is excited and happy in life. He is off
medications for the past six months
and now on his way home after
purchasing ‘Giraffe’. En-route home,
he has a freak accident, which leads
to a series of disasters, which also
includes the death of his father.
Oblivious of the cause of disaster,
Alan leads a normal life “his way,”
while others around him feel that he
needs help.
Concerned about Alan’s well-being,
his friends decide to hospitalise him.
On their way to the hospital, they are
way-laid by the cronies of crime boss
Marshall (John Goodman).
Marshall keeps Doug as hostage and
set the others three free to hunt
Chow, who apparently stole his 21
million worth gold and is in touch
with Alan.
The trio - sober faced, bruised and
bloodied, shuttle between Mexico
and Las Vegas chasing Chow. On the
performance front, it is Zach
Galifianakis’ film all the way. He
steals the show with his comic
timing and straight face repartee.
Alan’s concept of “cool” is one of the
best reoccurring gags the film has,
and Zach’s delivery seems much
more organic and fun than the hard
stares and snippy lines his character
was previously known for.
The rest of the cast delivers in a
much subdued fashion, mostly
serving as backboards for Zach’s
antics. New entrant Melissa McCarthy
as Cassandra, Alan’s love interest in
the film, matches up with Zach to
deliver some few but exciting
The film, even with its usual pot-
holes and absurdity, is director Todd
Philips and script writer Craig
Mazin’s best. They have blended the
narrative so well that ‘Part III’ gives
the sense of wholeness to the trilogy.
The action, the visuals as well as the
production values of the film are just
right. The dialogues are bittersweet
and funny at the same time. The
actors add their bit of raunchiness to
make it a memorable film.
‘The Hangover III’ is a compact film.
Totally worth a watch!

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