The Great Gatsby

June 4, 2013
By saviangray BRONZE, Charlotte, New York
saviangray BRONZE, Charlotte, New York
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The 2013 historical fiction remake of the Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann was unique in nature; however, the character selection could have been better. The way Luhrmann took the story of the great Gatsby and transposed a 3D archaic yet modern vibe to the piece made this novel exciting to all literary analysts. However, in retrospect, the character selection was rather awful. In my opinion, Leonardo DiCaprio was not the best character to play Gatsby. Leonardo is a fantastic actor; however, the role of an introverted war veteran is not suitable for him. It felt as though you were watching an actor playing a role, rather than watching a movie brought to life. This may be due to the expectations set upon Leonardo to supersede all expectations; however, Gatsby is a personality type Leonardo DiCaprio should sway from in all future productions. In addition to the bad selection of Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, Carey Mulligan also was not the best Daisy. Carey did an “okay” job of playing the role of Daisy but overall she wasn’t as “pretty” as the audience expected her to be, nor did she play the “appealing” role that Daisy did in the original film. Despite these two fatal flaws in this production, overall the movie was a success. In my opinion, the movie is worth seeing, but it surely is not one to purchase on DVD.

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