June 3, 2013
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Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most well-known directors in Hollywood, is out of inspiration and in a dreadful state after producing films such as ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Rope’. Coincidentally, he comes across a book called ‘Psycho’ and decides to shoot a movie that the continent has never seen before, a kind of movie that is so great and terribly horrifying that people would never be able to take a shower comfortably after viewing the movie. As Hitchcock continues to work on his film that has high expectations, his relationship with his wife, Alma, goes through lots of hardship. She finds out that Hitchcock has these inappropriate fantasies with his leading actresses of his movies. Hitchcock suspects Alma for having an affair with another man, who just simply wants to take an advantage of her connections. The movie portrays the couple’s relationship and the threats, and how the making of Psycho eventually heals their scarred hearts.

“Hitchcock” was a very romantic love story that included the making of the most hair-raising, spine-chilling horror movie in Hollywood’s history, which is pretty ironic, in my opinion. The movie revived Hitchcock’s personality and even his appearance exceptionally well. I was very impressed and satisfied with Anthony Hopkins’ overly protruded belly. I enjoyed how the movie revealed Hitchcock’s wife who really made major contributions to Hitchcock’s films. To those who have not watched Hitchcock’s pieces, I strongly recommend that you do. Hitchcock really did make a history. This movie about Hollywood’s visionary’s love and life was a very delightful one to watch.

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