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To Save a Life

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The movie To Save a Life, is absolutely amazing. It inspired me very much. The movie is about a boy named Jake. Jake grew up with his best friend Roger. They did everything together as children. They rode their bikes everywhere and went to school together. One day, Jake and Roger were pretending that the day was Halloween. Jake took off running and Roger tackled him. Jake got up and ran away. Little did he know that he was in the middle of the street. A SUV was speeding around a corner and Roger jumped into the road to save Jake. Jake skinned his knee and Roger broke his leg. Roger walked everywhere with a limp now.

In high-school, Jake becomes the star athlete and Roger comes to all of his games. Roger will cheer on Jake by limping by the sidelines and cheering him on. One day Jake was going to hang out with Roger after one of his basket-ball games. When Jake got invited to a party, he forgot all about hanging out with Roger. Jake went and had fun at the party while Roger went home and thought. Roger thought that Jake didn’t like him because he wasn’t an athlete. Roger went to school the next day and committed suicide. Jake thought that it was his fault.

Now, Jake decided that he was going to save a life instead of ruin one. Jake started helping people that had problems like cutting and drinking. A year later, Jake found a guy that had a cutting issue. He decided that he was going to help him. Jake showed this guy that what he was doing could really effect his life. Jake knew that if he did this he would actually make a difference in the world.

Jake went on with the rest of his life making differences in the world. I think that Jake is an amazing character and that he made a lot of really good choices. I recommend that you watch the movie or read the book. This movie will inspire you and maybe one day you might change the world just like Jake. To Save a Life.

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