May 13, 2013
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An Effective Show
My dad came home one day with a big smile on his face. I asked him what happened and he launched into a story. “Well, you see, I was driving home when I heard the KQRS dude say that they were giving away free movie tickets. And so I was like, what the heck, I’ll call. So I did. And I won.” We were set to go see “Oblivion” the next Tuesday. It ended up being a good thing.
“Oblivion” is one of my top ten movies ever seen. It had that uniqueness to it. Maybe Sci-Fi junkies wouldn’t agree, but it really broadened my list.

All movies have at least one thing in common: acting and directing. “Oblivion” was no different. However, that acting and directing can help make, or break, a movie. For “Oblivion”, it helped make it. Tom Cruise led the cast, and he performed quite excellently, as usual. In the supporting cast, Morgan Freeman (Malcolm Beech), Olga Kurylenko (Julia), and Andrea Riseborough (Victoria) all did superbly in their roles. This movie had a relatively small cast, but they all played a big part. Director Joseph Kosinski, who also directed “Tron: Legacy”, conducted a great story and sculpted it into perfection. Acting and directing is the core of all movies, and this movie isn’t lacking.

“Oblivion” was an original, and it incorporated many different aspects from many different genres into it. It had points of intense action, a few moments of humor, and a lot of suspense. There wasn’t as much action as I thought and would’ve liked, but the rest made up for it. Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise pitch in with enough jokes to keep the mood far enough away from despairing, even though the movie is basically based on a post-war apocalypse. And the plot itself builds enough suspense to make up for the lulls.

This movie is comparable to a rollercoaster. The plot twisted and turned like no other. It kept me on my toes - well, literally the edge of my seat - all movie long. It built so much - but not too much - suspense that I found myself guessing and guessing at what would happen next. Also adding to the overall quality of the movie was the storyline it was built off of. It was new to me, but it also might’ve been slightly predictable to those Sci-Fi junkies. That didn’t detract from the overall value of it, however. In my gradebook, it all added up to a solid A.

“Oblivion” is a great movie that I loved quite a bit. I’d say go watch it right away, ASAP. It might even be number two on my list of movies this century. In other words, the first loser. But when the first loser gets an A, that must mean the number one is pretty good. Nothing about this movie lost. It came together to form a really “effective team.” And to think that I only saw it because of sheer dumb luck...well, it was a nice treat.

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