May 12, 2013
By grace16 SILVER, Zumbrota, Minnesota
grace16 SILVER, Zumbrota, Minnesota
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What if every person on this earth had an imagination like the directors of “Brave”? Would the world be more adventurous? We would all have a lot more fun. The directors make a great plot for this movie, but also taught many people new inspiring lessons- both me and the main character Merida.
Many Disney movies have to have something to do with a character and their different cultures. They introduce the character in many different ways. Disney pixar movie “Brave” starts out in the Scottish Highlands with Merida, the main character, as a little girl and it explains her personality and what she is like. Her mom’s expectations are high. She wants her to become the next heir and find a prince, but that is not what Merida has in mind. Merida wants to go out and be adventurous. Throughout the movie, Merida has many life challenges much like our lives,she has to learn from her mistakes and “mend the bond.” Merida has 3 little triplet brothers that are very energetic and mischievous, throughout the movie they help Merida out. As being an heir of the throne, Meridas future is supposed to have a prince by her side. Her parents bring 3 lords to their castle and have the Lords sons compete in the highland games to fight for her hand in marriage. This movie is appropriately rated because it can get a little scary for a little kid to watch, but nothing too bad to make it higher rated. This movie has great animation! It feels as though you are the eagle soaring across that highland, or on the horse that Merida is riding, across the dark deep forest.
Merida is a very adventurous and she is very proper. She enjoys spending time outside and shooting the bow as much as possible. Later on in the movie, she learns that she has many other huge responsibilities. In the beginning of the movie Merida learns to love what she has, and to not take them for granted. Merida ends up figuring out that her parents are huge rolls in her life. just like Merida did throughout the movie I have
also learned many lessons.Movies can teach us a different way of life.
Movies teach us the right and wrong things in life. Just like Merida learned she had to have more respect for her parents, I also learned that. Merida learned that she shouldn't take what she has for granted because anything could get taken away in a matter of seconds. I think that the director did a very good job at making the movie enjoyable to watch, but the directors also included very valuable life lessons.
This 100 minute movie can teach Americans many great things just like it has taught me. The directors brought not only fantastic animation but a great story plot. Movies can have a great effect on the viewers, and this movie has had a great effect on me! Next time it comes to picking out a movie, choose Brave!

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