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May 10, 2013
By JasonRapp GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
JasonRapp GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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There are many great movies, but one of my favorites would be Iron Man. Iron man is a great and wonderful movie its starts with a guy named Tony Stark crossing the desert in a military vehicle with several soldiers, but during his travels he’s attacked and captured with a severe injury in his chest. Later Tony wakes up in a cave with a small carburetor in his chest keeping him alive. It was put there by a smart engineer for weapons. Later Tony builds a small arc reactor to replace the carburetor in his chest. This part of the movie shows just how smart Tony is, because this tech is 20 yrs advanced. Tony is wondering why he’s still alive, so the engineer tells him why.
The reason why he’s still alive is because the enemy what’s him to build a new kind of weapon. So instead Tony builds a MK1 iron suit to escape and destroy some of the stark weapons they acquired. He escaped with his suit destroyed so he leaves it in the desert. Later Brody his air force friend finds him and brings him back, this escape is where it all begins. This escape was a genius plan. When Tony gets back he stops the weapons division cause he now see’s the harm that he has caused, but his partner Obadiah Stane is upset about this. Later Tony works on a finished design of his suit, but during his test flight up in the atmosphere his suit start’s freezing up and starts falling, he breaks the ice and barely escapes. The test flight in this movie shows just what Tony is capable of. After this flight Tony makes the MK III his finished design. So Tony decides to use his suit to destroy the remaining stark weapons.
After that Stane found out about the MK1 suit and starts creating a bigger and stronger one he calls it the Iron Monger, but he was missing a important component that powers the suit the small arc reactor. So he steals the one from Tony’s chest, but lucky Tony built a second one and Pepper his assistant saved it for him in his lab. This partner end ship was a great Idea to put into the movie. Anyway Pepper found out about the suit Stane has been creating, so she contacted some agents from SHEILD.
Later when Pepper takes the police to the facility to arrest Obadiah he calls his prototype the Iron Monger, but the Iron Monger was completed and Stane activated it and started attacking Pepper lucky Tony swooped in and saved her from certain doom. An epic battled weighed Iron Man vs. the Iron Monger. Stane was just too strong for Tony to face head on so instead Tony tricked him to bring Stane to the atmosphere where his armor froze up and started falling to the ground. A little later Tony was able to land back to the facility with only a little bit of energy, but suddenly on top of the building Stane returned and attacked Tony. So He told Pepper to overload the arc reactor (the big one).
So Pepper started Flipping the switches as Tony ordered, Pepper activated the explosion and the Iron Monger with Stane inside it to be destroyed. After that battle (in the morning) Tony at the interview with all the reporters Tony told them that he was Iron Man. This ending was a little stale, but this movie was one of the best. So this movie might not be the greatest, but it was a pretty good movie.

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