The Blair Witch Project

May 10, 2013
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“ Oh never go into the withering wood, for the creatures who live there are up to no good.” (The Monster Bed). These rhythmic words from long ago childhood stories have stood true. Not only in keeping young children from the woods for fear of monsters, but for three student filmmakers. Mike, Josh, and Heather had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they decided to make a documentary on The Blair Witch.
The legend of the Blair witch no matter how old you are, may still make your skin crawl. For a movie with literally no budget, three actors, a director, and a producer; they managed to create that element of fear you just can’t find today. Does anyone else remember how scared they were as a child when there was a strange noise from their closet in the middle of the night?
Nowadays the definition of a horror film is gory, raunchy, and leaves nothing to the mind. With The Blair Witch leaves the noise in the closet to your imagination, was it really just a sweater fell. That is something you just don’t see anymore.The Blair Witch Project is rated R for a reason, mainly due to the amount of vulgar language used, but also the raw fear that is shown. If you compare modern horror films to the originals such as Blair Witch and the Exorcist..They give the sound but no image, this invokes the imagination to bring forth the worst of its hallucinations. Fear brings out the emotions you naturally don’t see in a person. Such as scenes where Heather apologises to the families of her peers Josh and Mike.
The film begins with a notice that three student filmmakers went missing in late october of 1994, while following the legends of The Blair Witch. In or around the Burkittsville, Maryland formerly Blair; while trying to create a pseudo-documentary on the ancient travesties of the witch. With its shaky cameras, true emotions, and imaginative twists Blair Witch Project is truly a film to leave you feeling as if you’re being watched. Especially when even the tree’s seem to be in alliance with the witch. Twisting to her whim as she plays with the unknowing and weary students.There is also the case of the shifting stone graves and oiled bundles of twigs found outside of the tent. So dear reader never go to the woods of Burkittsville, if you don’t heed a warning even from a fictional storyline. You might just run into Miss Elly Kedwards. Always remember to keep your children from the woods of Blair, or the witch just might take them.

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