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Iron Man 3

Set after the events of The Avengers, when Tony Stark's world is torn apart at enemy's hand known as The Mandarin(Ben Kingsley), he embarks on a quest to find those responsible.

One of the great things about Iron Man 3 is the characterization that gave Tony Stark. The things that helps with this is Robert Downey Jr's performance of Tony Stark, which is by far the best portrayal that he has made as Tony Stark. We not only get to see more of the genius side of Tony Stark, but we also get to see more of his personal problems that we have ever seen, as he suffers from PTSD. He stills has the funny and narcissistic side of him, but this film shows more of what made the first one great: His genius and caring side.

This film is also the darkest of all the Iron Man films. There are so many dramatic and emotional moments in this film, as we explore more of Tony Stark's personal side. However, this film is also the funniest of all the Iron Man films. Unlike the second one, the funny moments are really funny and the best part is that it never compromise the drama part of it. When it was dramatic and emotional, it was dramatic and emotional. When it was funny, it was funny.

The reason why this system works is because it is directed by Shane Black. This film has more action, specifically the last act of the film. This film also features the most action that Tony Stark does, and less what Iron Man has to do. Much like The Dark Knight Rises, we get to see more of Tony than we did of Iron Man. Also, this film has less dull moments than the previous Iron Man film, as even the slow moments are interesting.This film also has Shane Black-isms, as this movie takes place during Christmastime, as do every Shane Black film take place.

Another great thing was the supporting characters, which were all fantastic. Ben Kingsley was phenomenal as The Mandarin, as he very much fit the role well. Guy Pierce as Aldrich Killian, creator of the Extremis Virus, was better than expected, as he has a larger role than many thought. Don Cheadle was great as Rhodey. This film is so good is that not only did Gwenyth Patrow not annoy me for the first time as Pepper Potts, but a child actor in this film did not annoy me, as he served a vital part to the story.

The things that brought this movie down was that there is a twist in the movie, in which brings the movie down a huge amount. The twist is easily of the dumbest, stupidest, and most pathetic twist in the past years and a huge slap to the face to any fan of the Iron Man comic books. I wouldn't be surprised if people don't like the film just because of the twist. Also, the plot in this movie, while better than the second one, is a little bit messy. But that twist, made this film go from not being Awesometacular.

So despite having one of the worst twist in recent years, Iron Man 3 is a fun, entertaining adventure and is not only a great summer movie, but a great start to Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man 3 is Blue Ray Worthy

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