“Timothy Green” is a good kind of green

April 22, 2013
Introducing a world renounced name anyone would think of young or old; Walt Disney proudly presents “Timothy Green”, a movie with a complete three deal package filled with an insurmountable amount of drama, comedy and fantasy, well what’s not to love about it?

The story takes place in a small town in America, and it takes a part in a flashback that had happened a year ago, which whom the adoption manager the couple explains in order to, to get their own adoptive child. The characters who were in importance was Timothy Green (Cameron “CJ” Adams); Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner); Jim Green (Joel Edgerton) Joni Jerome (Odeya Rush; and finally Uncle Bub (M. Emmet Walsh). The story is about a couple who has no children, which coming from the fact that Cindy couldn’t have a child medical wise, and take the time to write down what kind of characteristic their dream child would be like on pieces of note paper. They both put the papers in a wooden box and bury it into their garden. A terrible storm had approached and they realized there was a child sized hole from where they put the box in. The couple hadn’t realized that a boy covered in soil had went into their house; and to their surprise Timothy had called them mom and dad. Over some bonding they realized that he grew leaves on his legs that no one should know about because he would be teased and would be thought as a “different” non-normal child.
The actors/actresses that had done a great job would be, Joel, Jennifer, and Cameron including Odeya because they had contributed to the persona they should have portrayed have played it well, plus the emotion and thought put into. Except for emmet he had done exceptional but could’ve done better into the thought, and seemed to lack the emotions needed for his character.

Don’t get me wrong ,overall some of the Movie was pretty swell, indeed but the fact I didn’t like was how they didn’t get in depth with Joni was that she had a secret as well but didn’t even include in that part, which was pretty disappointing and unclear.

The lesson that I learned was that despite what are other people think about you if you are unique or “different” you have to take pride in it and make the most of it because you probably would be one out of a few people to possess that quality, and a lot many people will learn that, too

The Movie would be more appealing towards young adolescents and maybe parents; I would recommend it to almost all ages except maybe for babies because they won’t understand what’s happening, rating is PG. My final word would be overall it was a pretty good movie to watch.

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