April 20, 2013
I never thought it would happen again, but we have found the Prometheus of 2013, in which many people will like, but also many people will hate. The only difference is that this is less dissapointing than Prometheus, and has less dumb moments, and is more enjoyable.

Obilvion is about after the war, in which they won but Earth was lost, Tom Cruise and his hot British partner/wife (who I always forget her name) has to oversee and maintain the drones, in which he begins to question not only his mission, but himself.

One thing that I liked about the film was Tom Cruise as Jack Harper. Tom Cruise owned the role, and his character was one that I can relate to. Despite him not questioning the mission, he has hopes and dreams, and, ultimately questions it. Your intrigued your on this journey, you want to finds things out with him. And Tom Cruise makes this role better than I thought. He may be a little crazy in real life(see Tom Cruise and Oprah's couch), but he is a good actor.

However, the rest of the cast, despite being well acted, are really forgettable. Take the hot British partner/wife. Every time she was off screen, I forgot about her. The only thing that is memorable about her is that she is hot. We also have these people who are part of this human resistance, lead by Morgan Freeman. They really are just in the movie to take Tom Cruise from point A to point B. I felt that they should have shown more of them.

Another problem with the film was the story and the pacing. The story for this film is really messy and all over the place, and a little confusing. This film also has a lot of plot holes and there are things that are unresolved. The thing that saves it is a nice and unexpected twist in the movie. I didn't expect that going in. However, the twist in the movie reminded me of a grade B version of the twist in Moon. If you haven't seen that film, you will be REALLY shocked. If you have, you will just be shocked of the twist.
Also, when the movie slows down, it REALLY slows down, and it gets kinda boring. However, when the movie picks up, it REALLY picks up. You are intrigued in those scenes are you are entertained in those scenes. You feel like your on this journey with Tom Cruise. And what helps in those scenes are the visuals. The visuals in this film are phenomenal and breathtaking. And when there is an action scene, the visuals just make the film look better. The action scenes were really great to watch.

In the end, I had an enjoyable time watching the film. The film may have a weak plot, okay pacing and characters that are forgettable, but the film holds up because of great acting, specifically Tom Cruise, great visuals, and an unexpected twist. I am going to say Oblivion is a Good Time, but only at Matinee Price.

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