Why Movie 43 shows everything that is wrong about Films

April 19, 2013
Never have I seen such filth in a film. Never have I witnessed an abomination so big, so grotesque, and so, so awful.I hate this piece of crap. I hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated hated FREAKING hated this piece of crap. This is the film that showed what is wrong with Hollywood. So, without further ado, lets review this abomination.

So what is Movie 43 about? Well, this film is about nothing. Abosolutely nothing at all. Nothing that happens in this "film" has anything to do with the next scene. This movie is just a bunch or random ass sketches, all put into one movie that so happens to have famous actors.

And the sketches for this film are so GOD AWFULLY bad. This sketches are like the rejected sketches of the Saturday Night Live that is occuring now. Some of those sketches in SNL of now are bad, This is atrocious. There is not one sketches that I ever laughed. Instead, almost all of them made me look in disgust. For example, the first sketch that you see is a date between Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet. And in this sketch, Hugh Jackman has a scrotum hanging from his freakin neck. I repeat, THAT is supposed to be the funny part in this stupid ass sketch. Never have I wanted to throw up from watching something before.

And the worst thing, is that they get even more and more worse as they go along. Don't get me even started with the iBabe sketch. All my god did I hate that one. That has to be the must vulgar and more disgusting thing I have ever seen. And it gets worse with the f**king one with Naomi Watts. That has to be the most creepiest sketch I have seen. The parents are bullying him and treated him like s*** just for he can get the "high school experience." WHY the f**k would you do that to your kid? I mean, the mom, for gods sake, why would you want to make out with your son? How is he going to get the ...... You know what, forget it. The sketches are terrible. I don't want to talk about them anymore

You guys might be wondering why the actors are in it? Well, here is how they got them. They would use the star power of two actors(Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet) and then they would get the next few actors. Then they would get the next and the next. They would pay the actors $800 a day to do thier little dumb sketches. That's not all. Some of them, didn't even know that this was going to be in a feature film. That's not all. They continued to guilt trip each of the actors to be in this movie. Many actors wanted out of this film. In fact, this quote by one of the directors(we'll get to that soon) sums out how they were in the film.
“They clearly wanted out!” says Farrelly. “But we wouldn’t let them. The strategy was simple: “Wait for them. Shoot when they want to shoot. Guilt them to death.”

They continued to do this until they had enough skits to have a feature lenth running time just so that they can release this film. And this film production is just awful. This movie, this 90 minute movie, took 4 year to make. 4 FREAKIN YEAR TO MAKE. Just to have the actors in the film. Richard Gere, who constantly refused to be in this film , is an example. The producers went all the way to were he lives just to film this scene. That's not all. But the actors made no publicidy for this film.

THAT;S NOT ALL. But apperantly, the people had no idea what this film was. The reason why it is called "Movie 43" is just because it had no meaning. THAT'S NOT ALL. But this film, that took 4 years to make, had 13 directors, 18 writers, 9 cinematographers, and 11 editors to the film.

This, makes me REALLY mad. Why? Because there are people, people like me, who want to become a film director or want to become a screenwriter. People who have a passion for film and want to go to film school and become something. Then you see this f**king piece of s***(sorry for my language) being made and you just ask yourself "Why?" People like me can truly make better stuff with more care and thought than this film. And this is what is being made? It truly makes me sad to see this. I am actually sad by the thought that this crap is being made, and I may never ever make a film, in which I can do better.

Movie 43 has everything that is wrong with Hollywood. Every single thing. The big name actors that are attached to a film that CLEARLY sucks. A film that has no thought or passion put into it with it's only purpose is take your money. Movie 43 is THE WORST FILM I HAVE EVER SEEN.

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