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April 12, 2013
For this month of March, in anticipation of the Evil Dead remake coming out, I will be reviewing the crappy horror remakes for Terrible Tuesday and their original counterpart on Monday. So let's book a reservation in the Bates Motel and review Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

So Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is about when Marion Crane(Janet Leigh) steals 40,000 dollars, she then decides to stay at the Bates Motel, who is ran by shy and withdrawn Norman Bates(Anthony Perkins), who is dominated by his mother.

The great thing about this film are the acting and the characters. Every single actor does a great job at their role. Janet Leigh does a perfect job as Marion. Her performance is easily memorable and she makes it as someone that we can connect to. Even the supporting cast for the film are brilliantly acted that fits in Alfred Hitchcock's tone, Such as the Private Detective and Marion Crane's sister, Lila Crane.

But all these actors and characters are nothing compared to Norman Bates, who is PERFECTLY played by Anthony Perkins. The reason why Norman Bates is easily the best characters in film history is because of his relation with his mother, and the trauma that follows. His mother taught him that sexual intercourse is sinful and that all women(except her) are whores. This causes Norman to be shy and nervous whenever he is with a women. It also shows his love for his mother and how he doesn't want to dissapoint his "mother." And whenever he is with a women and dissapoints his "mother", the "mother" becomes insanely jealous. His "mother" starts going in this rampage and starts going Psycho.

Anthony Perkins does a great job of portraying Norman Bates. He doesn't play the character of Norman, he practically transforms himself of Norman Bates. He shows the trauma the character goes through. He makes Norman to a shy guy in the beginning, to a sympathetic character in the middle(whenever he has to hide the crimes that "mother" has committed) to his true revelation in the end of the film. By the end of the film, you realize that Perkins was perfect for the role Alfred Hitchcock has created one of the best character in movie history.

The main reason why all the characters(specifically Norman Bates) all work is because of the direction that the great Alfred Hitchcock. This film is not only Alfred Hitchcock's most known film, but easily his best. You can tell that he had a passion for making the film. He has made a film where every character is important. Where every scene is important, memorable, and made to perfection. An example would be the infamous shower scene, in which it took him 7 days just to perfect a 30 second clip. That is commitment to a film.

Alfred Hitchcock also creates one of the best thrillers ever made. Not only is it the best Alfred Hitchcock's film, but it easily the most influential horror film of all time. If it wasn't for this film, there will be no slasher films. This movie has so many twist and turns that the audience will not expect in it's first viewing. And for a film to have twist and turns, they usually contain plot holes and may be confusing. But in this film, everything adds up to the story, and everything makes sense. And the thing that make Psycho scary is the fears that people may have. Whether it is commiting a crime and hiding it, to the fear of us disappointing our mothers Never has a film got me so invested in the story, and so surprised by the thing that happen. Everything is done with care and perfection.

Alfred Hitchcock delivers a well acted(specifically Anthony Perkins as the brilliantly executed Norman Bates) and well directed thriller, that not only holds the title of one of the best horror films, but one of the best films in movie history. Psycho is easily one of the best films I've seen and Psycho is AWESOMETACULAR.

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