The Matrix

April 9, 2013
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It escapes our boundaries of imagination with ease. I can’t think of many other films that managed to hook me onto the screen, leaving me on the edge of my seat. The Matrix, directed by the Wachowski brothers reforms the nature of reality. It paints a bizarre imagery, conveying a battle against humans and the virtual reality.

Thomas Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, inhabits two very contrasting lives. At night, he transforms into Neo, a feared hacker committing every existing internet crime. His life takes a huge turn when Trinity working for Morpheus, the leader of the cyber-rebels recruits him. Neo then discovers the truth of his life and uncovers the reality of the world he’s living in.

The characters are unbelievably meaningful. Keanu Reeves’ gripping action-tensed portrayal of Neo wasn't simply a cliché hero, but incorporated unique reasons to be supported. While Lawrence Fishborne creatively depicts the mysterious Morpheus, I felt that the agents could have been better. It was difficult to understand their mysterious personalities.

I guess you could say that The Matrix was the archetypal science fiction film. Even though the movie was released almost 15 years ago, I was still blown away by the magnitude of the visual effects. I can’t even imagine how stunned people were when they saw these CGI for the first time when it was shown in theatres. Filmed cleverly through the use of wires in action scenes, it’s hard not be

The Matrix is a truly mind-bobbling. It’s sure to give you a new perspective on how we live. There’s really a lot that people can get out of watching this movie. It really made me think about my presence and existence. It’s much more philosophical that we would imagine. The “matrix” is only fantasy, you may think. Or is it much closer to reality than we think?

This film would be suitable for teenagers, to really understand the comprehensive plot. Not saying that younger children wouldn't enjoy this movie. It’s hard not to enjoy the crazy special effects.


The Matrix is a storm of dynamic joy. Despite it’s few plot flaws, the cinematography, special effects, acting, concept is unrivalled.

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