The Dark Knight

September 7, 2008
When the movie The Dark Knight ended I was filled with a sense of wonder , shock and awe. It took me a little while to process what I have just seen. This movie never had a dull moment, there was consent twist and turns. It just oozes action and excitement. The Dark Knight is the best action film in the last decade.

The film begins with crooks pulling a bank robbery. Unbeknownst to them the Joker has pitted against each other. One by one each criminal kills their assigned target for a promise of a bigger share. Unfortunately for them none of survive , and the joker is left with approximately three- million dollars mob money. Yes that right the Joker is stealing from the mob. The mob however isn’t phased the money is stole is insignificant compared to there collective fortunes. The mob is more concerned about the recent police crackdowns.

Even though I thought this movie was magnificent nothing is perfect. There were only two down sides to this motion picture. The movie dragged a little . Just when I thought when it was over, all of a sudden there was even more action than before. As you can imagine that mildly irritated me. I also disliked the two- face was in the movie . The presence of two- face took away for the plot. Furthermore he took away for Heath Ledger literally one in a life time performance. Overall the Dark Knight is an excellent film, that will be remembered for generations.

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