The UnDead Mummy 3

August 28, 2008
What does the new Mummy movie have that the previous three don’t? Bad editing, terrible acting and a dreadful script can just about sum it up. Brendan Fraser was the only one out of the old cast that remained and I wish I could say the movie held up on him. More like it feel onto his shoulders of a heavy weight he was not able to handle.

Still, I must admit that bringing people back from the dead is an enticing movie idea, but so is a good cast and Rob Cohen failed with the second. Maria Bello was completely out of her place being that there was no connection what-so-ever between her and Fraser, which made all their romantic moments make me want to scream: “ew, incest!” While Fraser still looks pretty good for his age (it took Cohen three films to get a shirtless scene of Brendan in), Bello seems like the sex-deprived cougar. Don’t know about any other opinions of this film, but that alone was a big throw off. Another reason not to see the film was young Luke Ford. Not only was he obviously too old to be playing Alex O’Connell, (who should be about 20 right now) but he also had some trouble remembering the script and pretending to care for the girl he supposedly loved. Now I understand it gets tough for some twenty- five year old guys to care about girls they just want to sleep with. But for both the movie’s plot and the viewer’s sake, I ask that he put in a little more effort next time.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Jet Li, Isabella Leong and Michelle Yeoh did a bad job with their roles. It’s just they were a bit drowned out by the dreadfulness of the rest.
Still, I must emphasize that the story itself and the action were great. I never yawned and had quite a few seat-gripping moments. Perhaps Rob Cohen knows how to build suspense, but that’s where his skills end. Though the end of the film hinted there might be a continuation, I wish that this franchise would be buried and forgotten finally. It has already scared enough critics and viewers into believing that cinematography might actually be dying exactly one too many times. Perhaps it’s better to bury it, before people forget that the first two installments weren’t all this bad.

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