What does Ip man stand for?

March 15, 2013
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The Ip man movie is a documentary/drama about the Yip man. The mentor who taught Bruce lee Wing Chun. It’s World War I era but the war hasn’t broken out yep but instead showing out the culture of 1937’s China town’s work. Martial arts teachers are highly respected individuals and many schools of these arts are compacted in the town in Southern China called Foshan. Noodle shops are common and community now each other quite well. Ip man, is quite rich, he gained his riches by successful martial arts school, but later closed it down so he can use his riches and time to spend more on his family, (whom consists of his wife and only son.) Ip man is respected among is colleagues and peers who ask him for financial and martial arts advice. Life is good in the southern town of Foshan, the Ip man lives peacefully and happily with his family and friends. But this is the perfect time for an arsehole to show up try to ruin things. Meet Jin Shanzhao, A rude Northern Chinese Martial arts stylist who planned to prove northern Chinese style is far superior to the southern Chinese art. He goes to each and every teacher of Foshan and defeats them with pride, but has yet to fight Ip man. The Ip man refuses to fight Jin at first, but the people pursued him and Jin taunts his family. To bring Humility to this stylist he agrees to fight him. If Ip man wins Jin leaves with shame and humility, If Jin wins then he proves that northern style is far superior to the southern arts. A long fight happens between the two veterans has broken vase and splintered is left in wake of duel between the giants. Ip man emerges victorious A shame that the fight happened in Ip man’s house.

What you get from the first act how the Southern Chinese men community acts amongst one another. How they react other martial stylists. How their economy works, how families work, how to get work their, what people spend most of their time on during the day. And how pride and humility works among the teachers.

Act begins with the Japanese invasion on China and the first to be hit to be seen in this movie is Foshan. The Japanese Holds an iron grip on the people and forces the majority of them to work in the coal mines. Which is one of the very few of jobs available for the Chinese to pay for food. Every man and woman has been forced out their houses to take to the street. Ip man takes up to work in the coal mines just so he can feed his family. But to make matters worse, the Miura the Warlord ruling Foshan is declaring they can earn a bag of rice if they beat his Karateka’s (karate martial artists,) in a duel they can win a bag of rice. People start to take up his offer, but the reason why the Miura the Warlord put up this offer is to prove that Japanese Martial arts are far superior to Chinese martial arts. Sounds familiar eh? Well Ip man’s friend and another colleague goes to fight, Ip man goes to investigates to what happen to the both of them. He found out Lin died early on to a fight. And that his colleague master Lue won a fight to 3 other karatekas. But gets shot in the back, for he did not bow to the Miura the Warlord, not showing his respect. The Ip man outraged storms though the line and demands a fight. The people stand aside knowing Ip mans strength and that’s its impossible to temper master Ip man. For if you do, Hell has no fists like Wing Chuns style of ip man, For he challenges Ten! Karateka at once. A super awesome fight happens With a lot of yelling, blood, broken knees and arms, mostly awesome stuff you get from an indie Chinese martial arts movie.

The Ip man wins and takes his ten bags of rice and walk away victoriously. The Miura the Warlord, intrigued that may have actually found a worthy opponent to test his skill with. As soon as he leaves, he sends henchmen to find him and bring to him, but the ip man is avoiding him at every turn. That’s the end of Act 2.

This is what you can get from Act two. Still everyone wants to show off their arms and pissed in each others piss because that’s what it basically boils down to for the “bad guys.” Who all they want to do is to prove to Ip man that they are better than him. Its awesome knowing through the hell that Ip man is going through he stills avoids to fight and only he needs to, and takes great his art as a great gift that he practices every day. This is the most fascinating I’ve learned of Chinese culture and you get the best of it. Martial arts, and its an indie film also, so if you haven’t heard of it, there’s a reason; its kind a under rug in terms of publicity. Also remember, The ip man is the one man who taught bruce lee how to fight and was his mentor. Keep that in mind.

Act III, ‘A fight of dragon and karate,’ The ip man is trying to find other means of work but not under the nose Japanese imperials. So being Ip man who knows everybody, knows a good friends of his that offered his a business proposal early in the move ( I didn’t go over it because it didn’t tie in the martial art fights too well.) Chow Ching-chuen who owns a cotton mill in town, Chow Ching-chuen tells Ip man that band of marauders have been pillaging the cotton mill’s supplies and funds led by Jin Shanzhao. Remember him, yeah the guy who got beat by Ip man early in the movie from Northern China. Well he was going to leave but then the fire nation attack (literally, the fire nation in avatar the last air bender was just an analogy for Japan while the early kingdom was China, Water nations were Mongolian, and the Air nations were Tibetan. The more you know.) So he made a band of, well bandits to pillage the cotton mill while staying hidden from Japanese imperialists. The Ip man takes work up in the cotton mill and help teaches the workers how to fend for themselves using Wing Chun. Jin attacks the mill but using the teaching of Ip man the workers and Ip man himself were able to fend off the attackers. But shortly after that, the imperialists found Ip man at the mill with Ip mans friend telling him where he was. Li Zhao a former police officer who is now working as a translator for the japenese for the Chinese and Japanese and they hold his families life on the line. So he had no choice and Ip man understands. Muira preparing to fire upon the civilians for them not sharing more of the profits they had, the ip man stands his ground and challenges Muira to a duel of martial arts one on one. Muira knowing if he’d back down it would be insult to Japanese pride, he agrees. Muira and Ip man prepare for the fight in town square. But Ip man knowing that if he loses, they will probably take his family. So he sent his family beforehand to leave Foshan to go to Hong Kong. But his wife knowing that if Ip man was to die soon, she wanted to be there for him, so he asks Chow Ching chuen to turn around they are going to get Ip man. The battle starts after Ip man and muira have been training rigorously. This is Ip mans greatest battle and hardest one at that. More blood yelling, punching, kicking, epic music. In the ring. But in the end, losing moral he see’s his family and he remembers why he is fighting. After a complete montage of testorone and more blood that would make man grow a beard in seconds the ip man goes on a pure focused fury of Wing chung. Ip man wins. But just has he is taking applause from the crowd. He is shot by Muira’s right hand man and an uproar of Chinese crown and a riot breaks out and they riot breaks out in town square. Le Zhoa incapacitates Muira’s right hand man. And Ip mans family takes Ip man away, showing them driving away into the distance of Hong Kong.

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