March 20, 2013
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For the First Time Since 1865, Lincoln Has Done Well in Theaters!

It's pretty rare that movie and history buffs can actually enjoy the same movie, since historical accuracy and entertainment don't always agree, but in Stephen Spielberg’s latest film, Lincoln, both parties can finally see eye-to-eye!

In this 2012 blockbuster hit, the last weeks of Abraham Lincoln's life are portrayed through the fabulous acting of several big name actors and actresses. Daniel Day-Lewis, known for his work in "Last of the Mohicans" and "My Left Foot", truly transformed into Abraham Lincoln in every possible way. Even his smallest mannerisms reflected Honest Abe to a tee. Sally Field, who played Mary Todd Lincoln, showed superb acting skills in the movie as well. Other big names in the movie were Tommy Lee Jones (Thaddeus Stevens), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Robert Lincoln), and David Strathairn (William Seward).

Daniel Day-Lewis’ acting was one of the most intriguing aspects of the film. His portrayal of Abraham Lincoln made you almost forget he was an actor playing a part. His acting skills reflected Lincoln’s true character so much that you almost felt as though you personally knew Abraham Lincoln and could hold a conversation with him. It was incredible. Daniel Day-Lewis brought Honest Abe to life, utilizing Lincoln’s subtle humor and frequent stories perfectly.

One of the highlights of the movie, aside from the historical content, was the way the filmmakers managed to combine intense, emotional scenes making you feel exactly as they wanted you to. Every shot had a purpose; the perspective, lighting, and effects transported the audience back in time to 1865. As a viewer, I felt this way especially during the struggle to pass the 13th Amendment, which proposed the abolition of slavery. While Spielberg shows the struggle amidst the congressmen, he also shows Abe reading a book to his son, Tad. It was a fabulous reminder of Abraham Lincoln’s role as a politician, but also as a father. This scene change reflected so much of Lincoln’s character and it made the viewer instantly respect him. The heartrending music composed by the famous John Williams added a tone of admiration and emotion to the entire scene.

My only problem with the movie was how confusing many of the political scenes were portrayed. Many times, it was hard to follow what was going on and who was involved, especially when the congressmen were being persuaded to vote for the amendment. I was unsure about what was occurring and how it affected the vote. I am not a political expert, and for this reason, I felt that I needed more of an explanation at times; however, it was overshadowed by the more important story of one of America’s greatest leaders.

Lincoln is a movie that spoke to all who saw it. I, personally, would award Lincoln with a rating of 4 and a half stars for the wonderful representation of Abraham Lincoln’s life and influence on America as a nation. The only reason it didn't reach 5 stars was because I felt lost in some of the political scenes. Even so, it is a movie that all will enjoy; definitely a must see!

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