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March 8, 2013
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Queen Elinor: Merida, a princess does not set her weapons on the table.
Princess Merida: Mom, it's just my bow!
Queen Elinor: A princess should not have weapons in my opinion.
King Fergus: Princess or not. Learning to fight is essential!

I think after such films as Toy Story 3 and Up critics and audiences are put up with ridiculous expectations for the latest Pixar movie, especially something that seemed as original as Brave.

For whatever reason (maybe because of other movies like The Dark Knight Rises) Brave was not high on the list of movies I was impatient to see this summer. By watching the trailers and TV spots for this movie, I wasn't exactly sure where the movie was going to go towards the second act. With that being said, I really enjoyed the fantasy-like twist that happens near then. I think a lot of people with high expectations for this movie by seeing the trailers will be bothered. However, I had a blast with it!

Princess Merida: I am Merida, and I'll be shooting for my own hand.

First off, it is very cool to watch this film knowing nothing about it, which is part of why this twist works so well.

Secondly, I think knowing that this is not what most expect it to be watching it can be quite fun. I do think this is a very like-able movie. This is a very funny movie as well. I absolutely loved Billy Connolly as the father here. Everything he said and did was great. Also the three boys also made a fantastic comic relief.

Lastly, the main reason I give this movie so much praise is because I felt like I had to. The third act of this movie is so greatly done. It was intense, I was so invested in what was happening. I felt strangely attached to this movie near then, on an emotional level.

The best movie of the summer so far is this? What the hell is going on?!

Princess Merida: If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

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