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As the world becomes more globalized and close-knit, we need to learn more about other cultures in order to prevent misunderstandings. Shanghai Calling is a movie aimed at uniting the East and the West – China and America – and is a worthy film to watch that will allow audiences to learn more about the two countries on opposite sides of the world.

Shanghai Calling is a romantic comedy centered on Sam Chao, a Chinese-American lawyer from New York hoping to make partner in his law firm. He is unexpectedly sent to China to manage the new branch there because his superiors felt he would be able to connect with the people there, despite Sam’s inability to speak Chinese. However, Sam’s role in Shanghai isn’t easy, as he becomes entangled in a career-ending crisis. During the ordeal, Sam makes new friends, encounters love, connects with his culture, and ultimately becomes a better person.

Though the film is what people may call a typical romantic comedy, I feel that its importance comes not from its striking message, but from its role as a bridge between the two cultures. We rarely see a film involving Asian-Americans, let alone one involving China. Many people only see one side of China- the populated, polluted, country of the East- but China is really much more than that. There’s more to China than those descriptions on the news and I think Shanghai Calling does a really good job in showing the positive side of everyday life in China. Viewers can also see China’s development and dive deeper into China’s culture.

This film is also beneficial to viewers in China. Today, more and more people are immigrating to China. People in China can learn, through this film, about the lifestyles of these new neighbors, friends, and coworkers.

Shanghai Calling can prevent some misunderstandings between the two countries and allow them both to become more united. I hope more people can understand America and China, because both countries have its positives, and the differences between them are what make the world unique and interesting. We must remember that although we have different patterns and weaves, but we are still cut from the same cloth.

This movie is an indie film, so it most likely will not be shown in theaters here. However, it can be seen at various film festivals, as well as on iTunes and Amazon. More information can be found on their website:

I hope you all will enjoy Shanghai Calling!

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