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February 16, 2013
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Comedies rarely generate more than adequate sequels, however Kevin Smith is skilled at taking characters from his comedies and putting them into different scenarios with each other. Clerks II is not really just a sequel to Clerks because all of Smith's most known movies are all interconnected anyway.

The story follows Dante and Randal 12 years after the events of the first Clerks. They have now been working at the fictional fast food restaurant Mooby's. Randal is still acting the same as he was in 1994 and is having trouble accepting what the world has become, while Dante wants to move on with his life.

I love Clerks II for two main reasons that the film balances perfectly.

First off, Smith shows here how perfectly he can satisfy his die-hard-Kevin-Smith-fans. Most of this movie is filled with total vulgar dialogue that is hilarious to listen to and just really reminds me why I like these characters.

Jay and Silent Bob are also present here and it is all for the better. If you like these characters it is pretty much impossible not to appreciate what they have to offer this time.

The second main reason I love Clerks II is because while it has these satisfying and hilarious aspects throughout, the movie still manages to have a good heart and establish a satisfying, and a bit heart breaking, conclusion to this Kevin Smith universe.

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