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February 6, 2013
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Cleo: Hi Dad.
Johnny Marco: Hey Cleo.

Somewhere is a movie in which you can either really enjoy or you can become incredibly irritated with. It's slow, but for me that has nothing to do with how entertaining a movie is and I found this to be extremely easy to watch.

The plot here is extremely simple. Actually, there is really no plot because this is really just a sequence of events all focusing on our protagonist. His name is Johnny Marco and is a successful writer who makes some bad decisions here and there, but is still a pretty likable guy. It is interesting to see him go through his days drinking beers, having sex with strangers, and smiling at the press all through his utter boredom. Now his eleven year old daughter Cleo has come to visit him and she gives him a meaning to live as the two hang out and bond. For some reason it is also very interesting to observe the two interact for all of their screen time.

Johnny Marco: You were really good. Where did you learn to skate like that?
Cleo: I've been taking lessons for two years.
Johnny Marco: Oh.

The acting, writing, and directing here is just exquisite. I hardly ever say this, but this is a beautiful film. I believed everything that was going on, which is good due to the nature of the movie and it's pace. The film is trying to address that you don't need money to be happy and it shows this brilliantly with it's awesome slow pace with includes some crazy long shots. I'm glad to see that the film makers went about this their own way and didn't worry about pleasing Michael-Bay-Lovers.

But honestly, if you can't stand to sit through anything without car chases, guns or explosions every ten minutes then I suggest you skip this one. If not, give this a shot. Although I would have liked to have seen more from the third act, I think it's safe to say that I love Somewhere.

Johnny Marco: I'm f***ing nothing. I'm not even a person.

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