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The Hobbit is a series of epic fantasy adventure film, produced by Peter Jackson who is also known for producing “The Lord Of the Rings”. The main characters in this movie are Bilbo Baggins who is chosen by another major character Gandalf (the wizard) to be the fourteenth member of the journey to Lonely Mountain, and Thorin Oakenshield who is the leader of the dwarves and the king of the Lonely Mountain. Smaug is the dragon of Lonely Mountain who is dangerous and feared by the people and by the dwarves. The major plot of this movie is that the quest to get back the Dwarves’ home that was taken by Smaug a long time ago.

This movie starred famous actors like Martin Freeman (II), Ian Mckellen, and Richard Armitage. The music that was featured in this movie is produced by Howard Shore, who also produced the music in “The Lord Of The Rings.” This movie was released the first time on December 12, 2012 and the series premiered at Embassy Theatre in Wellington, New Zealand on November 28th.

I saw this movie because I have seen the movie “The Lord Of the Rings” and absolutely loved it and I knew that the same producer also produced The Hobbit. That motivated me to watch it.

By watching this movie, I hoped to satisfy my fascination with magic and wizards. It makes me feel like I am a part of that world. I love watching a battle between evil and good especially combined with magic. It makes me feel excited. Generally it’s a very different world there and there is always something exciting going on in the magic world. People dress differently, looks different, and talks funny. I think it’s amazing how they create this kind of scene. The time, the art, the creativity and the technology behind it amaze me.

The best aspect of the movie was when all the dwarves showed up at Bilbo Baggins’ house without invitation, and they started to eat and sing. Baggins gets freaked out about it because they have no manners, and they eat a lot. These dwarves are used to living in the forest so they don’t care about the house, unlike Baggins who lives in a house and wants to keep it clean. Afterwards, they start dancing and playing tricks with Baggins’ plates and cups, which makes Baggins furious. He was totally convinced that they broke his plates and cups but they end up leaving without breaking a single plate or cup. I thought this part was the best aspect because it was very entertaining seeing them do crazy tricks with plates and on the other hand seeing Baggins freak out every time someone played a trick with a plate or cup.

I thought the characters were very successful at performing their parts very well. I watched it in 3D so I thought the quality of this movie was amazing. It made me feel like I was in there physically, judging each character.

The script was good except I thought they added some parts that were not related to the main plot, which I didn’t understand why. The writing style that was used in these series is epic fantasy. It has a quest that must be fulfilled, a great evil, and the main character (Bilbo Baggins) faces danger. This movie is a perfect example of epic fantasy. I haven’t read the book before I watched this movie but my brother and dad has read the book and they were frustrated because it was different form the book.

Overall I think this movie is great. This movie series is rated PG-13 for intense fantasy action, violence, and frightening images. I personally recommend this movie to age nine and up. I saw it with my nine-year-old brother, and he enjoyed it. It was not too scary or inappropriate for him. Besides my age suggestion for parents I recommend going to this website called to check out the rating for kids. This website lets adults determine whether a movie is appropriate for them or their children, and suggest age appropriateness from other parents’ perspectives. In addition, I recommend this movie to people who are fans of magic, dwarves or wizards. I absolutely suggest that everyone who is a fan of epic fantasy must watch it. This movie was released not long ago so I am not sure if this movie is nominated for any awards, but The Lord of the Rings has won many awards and people who loved that movie like myself will also enjoy this.

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