The Perfect Storm

January 4, 2013
By Anonymous

One of the reasons that I really liked this movie is because you have never seen another movie plot like this one where there is two problems in the plot and then they actually combine to make a hug problem. During the movie you have the fishing vesicle the Andrea Gale and it has yet had another bad year out on the water again and is just not bringing back the fish that the town needs it to and keep repeatedly getting beat in the competition by a long shot and it is getting clos tot be cut off the list. The captain Billy Tyne has to make a decision that could possibly make or break the reputation of the sea vesicle.

The captain decides that he is going to go back out on the water and he tells his crew that they don’t have to go that they can stay and he will do it all by his self and he has to make more money. The crew decides to go with him back on the water even though some of his friends don’t agree with the decision that he is making as a captain but that all decide to go because they said that they can not leave there captain behind to die. As they are out on the water they encounter a problem because when the captain is looking at the radar for the fish he is not picking anything up that is close to him and he has to make a very long trip away because he heard that all the fish is around 200 miles further than he actually goes and he decides to try to make it that far and he is going to take the risk.

While he is going to try to go the extra distance he gets word that there are two major tropical storm systems that are both in the pacific ocean where he is located and he talks it over with the crew and they said try to go right through the heart of it and get back home. Right when they make the decision to go through it they realize that they are right in the middle of two huge tropical storms and they are about to do something that man has never scene before. As begin to barricade them selves in the boat the two huge tropical storms combine and the meteorologist are watching it in disbelief and they are calling it the perfect storm.

The waves began to get as high as 100 ft tall and the workers began to get scared of what was going tot happen. They kept trying to push through the storm but the old boat just couldn’t take it anymore. They tried to go over a massive wave and the boat went backwards and flipped upside down into the water. All members of the boat drowned besides 2 and it was the deck manager Bobby Shatford and the Captain Billy Tyne. Billy struggled to get Bobby out of the boat but he made it and he made bobby swim in from of him so he would go first and when he did the Captain stayed back and he went down with his boat. Bobby survived for maybe another 5 minutes and another wave 100 ft tall came and it drowned him. The Andrea Gale was based off a true story and every single of the members will never be forgotten. Overall an excellent movie.

The author's comments:
I had to write a movie review on this movie and i would really recommend you read this and let me know what you think about the movie!

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