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December 7, 2012
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Silver Linings Playbook is a gloriously captivating comedy featuring Hollywood A-listers Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. With cleverly developed dialogue and moments of pure hilarity, this critically acclaimed new-release could easily be donned the film of the year.

Based on the novel written by Matthew Quick, the intriguing adaptation follows the life of Pat Solitano upon his release from a brief stint in a mental institute. David O. Russell’s refreshing take on the tale provides viewers with scene after scene of comedic genius and twists of dramatic elements.

This particular addition makes for an all-rounded performance from both lead roles, with the ability to combine drama and comedy in every section of the movie showcasing Russell’s supreme talents for film making. Russell, who has recently had great success in his 2010 production of ‘The Fighter’, strikes again directing an uplifting production equally as inspirational as his recent endeavors, focusing largely on Pat’s struggles with bi-polar disorder.

But Pat is not the only character facing such challenges, with his feisty love interest Tiffany recently dealing with the loss of her husband. Lawrence’s portrayal of Tiffany is verging on perfection, her confident character proving to conger roars of laughter from audiences and her blunt approach to life creating an assertive and stern persona. Despite these previous attributes, Lawrence achieves the ability to add aspects of vulnerability to troubled Tiffany as she struggles to cope with her loss, enabling her to be slightly more relatable for movie-goers, and noticeably more likeable.

Cooper conveys his character with strength, and viewers cannot help but sympathise with him as he attempts to deal with his struggling marriage and recent diagnosis of bi-polar. Cooper’s consistent performance enabled his character to develop evenly throughout the film, giving viewers the capability to watch as he matures and overcomes numerous aspects of his issues.

With such a prestigious support cast containing actors such as Robert De Niro, it’s fair to say the film is rich in variety and talent. The brilliant displays of acting ranged from De Niro’s excellent portrayal of Pat’s OCD afflicted father, to Chris Tucker’s uproarious characterization of Danny.

Music features a key part within the film, however is used very rarely and almost exclusively in the climax of the story, centering around a dance scene. With this particular playlist being delightfully upbeat, it allows for a light hearted addition to the latter section. This enables a little tension to be lifted within what could have potentially formed a serious scene, as the fate of lead characters is decided within the result of an esteemed dance competition.

Filmed in various parts of Pennsylvania, Silver Linings Playbook contains an atmospheric feel as the camera follows actors through sunny residential streets. Camera work remained closely behind actors for a number of scenes, creating an intimate feel and enabling the raw emotion and interaction between characters to be captured perfectly. Costumes are simplistic never detracting from the actors themselves, with Tiffany’s darkened outfits appearing lighter as her happiness develops along with the film. Pat’s casual attire seems to improve as time moves on, equally mirrored by his improving health status and acceptance within such a difficult marriage.

The ability of both character’s to support each other through their hardships is portrayed through unconventional ways as it’s only truly revealed, as the film draws to a close just how much help they have provided on another with. Through attempting to help Tiffany with aspects of her life, Pat discovers he is helping himself in more ways than could have been predicted, capturing the heart-warming feel of Quick’s novel and placing it in sections of Russell’s ingenious creation. This film is a must-see; with its combination of both hard hitting drama, and comically inspired humor proving Silver Linings Playbook to be such a roaring success.

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