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December 4, 2012
By , King George, Virginia, VA
The movie; Breaking Dawn and Breaking Dawn: part II is based on a saga written by Stephanie Meyers but directed by Bill Condon. Bill isn’t one of my favorite directors but honestly, I don’t regret seeing this movie at all. The main characters consist of Kristen Stewart playing as Bella Swan; Robert Pattinson playing Edward Cullen; Taylor Laughter playing Jacob and Mackenzie Foy playing as Renesmee. They’re the love triangle throughout all of the movies but Bella eventually marries Edward and they have Renesmee.

First, the movie in general wasn’t as good as I thought it would be compared to the book, but Bill does make sure there isn’t much change in the transition. One part of the movie is where Bella, Jacob and Renesmee are chasing snowflakes and the Cullen’s family cousin Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) sees Renesmee jumping like a vampire would instead of a human like Bella was when she was pregnant with her. This particular part is one of my favorites, because in the movie, the scenery is just as you would expect it to be in the situation, it puts a lot of detail into it. Esme goes to tell the Elders that Renesmee is a “devil child” and should be killed without knowing the facts.

Later, the Cullen’s find out that Esme told the Elders and get prepared to fight. They form a little group of their father’s Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) closest friends; they also prepare Bella for her first fight against the Elders, or vampires in general. The directions in this part honestly in my opinion weren’t that great. They didn’t move the way I think they should’ve been. Condon should’ve added different movements that they could’ve done; but in this particular scene I think Kristen Stewart does fantastic at delivering her lines and moving the way she needed too.
What I personally would’ve done differently, I would’ve added more parts to these scenes. They were pretty good but could’ve been better.

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