Horrible Bosses

December 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Recently I watched the movie Horrible Bosses. It came out on July 8th, 2011. It was directed by Seth Gordon. The main characters were Charlie Day (Dale Arbus), Jason Bateman (Nick Hendricks), and Jason Sudeikis (Kurt Buckman). It was also rated 3.7 out of 5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes.

My opinion is that I liked this movie and I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched it. I do not recommend it to little kids or people who despise foul language. It is rated R because of some drug use, sexual content, and again the language. It’s 98 minutes long, but it feels longer because by the end your side will be hurting from all the laughter. I think the favorite part is the ending.

There are these three older men who are best friends. Kurt is the one who loves his job and boss but the only problem is his boss’s cokehead son works there and if his boss dies, the son gets in charge. Another is Nick which is the one who hates his boss, his job, and everything else in that office. Now the last one is Dale and he is getting sexually harassed by his boss but has a fiancé. So they all have a problem or two to face everyday in work.

They go to a bar and they are having a good old time messing around with each other and bringing up old memories. Finally one speaks up and tells the other two that they should kill their bosses. The other two thought he was just messing around and being funny but he was really being serious. As the saying goes “drunk lips don’t lie,” correct? Well in this case, he meant what he said.

The next day Kurt, the one who loves his job and who is about to be promoted sees something devastating, his boss dies right in front of him from a heart attack. Nick, the one that dreads everything about his job thinks he’s getting this big promotion because his boss was hinting around but it turns out that the boss gives it to himself. He wants to quit but if he quits his boss threatened him that he will never find another job again, so he’s stuck. Dale is on the registered sex offenders list so he is also stuck at his sexual harassed job. He was drunk and walking home and he stopped to pee on what he thought was a empty

playground, it turns out that there was a little kid on that playground.

They all meet up, every evening and they just talk and talk all night about their jobs and life. Dale ends up hiring a hit man off the internet and all of them meet at some hotel. They didn’t expect that the hit man was going to be some weird guy that likes peeing on people, so that plan didn’t work. Kurt decides to hop in his car and gets the only two, Dale and Nick, to ride with them and they get this car to take them to the ghetto. They are hoping to find some bad guy that just got out of prison for killing someone or some people. What they find is a dude that plays them into thinking he killed people but was actually in there for video taping movies in the theater and stuff like that.

I recommend this movie to anyone that would enjoy a messed up but funny movie. I really liked it and no matter how many times I watch it, I always laugh all the way through the movie. I also think some people could relate to the guys in this movie because of how they’re treated in their office as well. I appreciate your time. And thank you for reading.

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