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On November 16, 2012, Breaking Dawn Part 2, the movie and end of the Twilight saga everyone has been waiting for is here. Written by Stephanie Meyer and directed by Bill Condon. The main characters in the movie are Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Patterson as Edward Cullen, Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, And Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee Cullen.

With Breaking Dawn Part 1 ending with Bella Swan being changed by near death experience because of childbirth she wakes up as the new Bella Swan. Breaking Dawn Part 2 then starts right after Part 1 ended. When Bella awakes she doesn’t really receive good news. She wasn’t aware of the imprinting that Jacob put on her new born daughter Renesmee. Little did she know she would have more problems to worry about than that. Then Alice (Ashley Greene), sister of Edward and Bella bring the entire family devastating news about the new member of the family. Another member of the vampire community had went to the Volturi (The largest Vampire clan in power) and made a mistake. The Volturi was under wrong evidence that Renesmee was not safe. As soon as Alice had seen this vision the Cullens weren’t going down without a fight. They called relative after relative to be safe. They even discovered some of their own gifts. They were ready to do whatever they had to protect their family. Even lost their own life.

If it wasn’t for the characters and the way they played their part the movie wouldn’t be as nearly as great as it was. The actors/actresses did not only play their part, but they lived it. The beginning scene when Bella trys to kill Jacob when she finds out that he imprints on her new born daughter renesmee was not just believeable, it was like she was really feeling those feelings. Also, Edwards performance is not only funny, but caring. He doesn’t realize what his family means to him until its on the line. The best performance of the movie is the entire family together and how they protect Renesmee.

I experienced the movie at the premier showing. So I heard all the screaming girls, and even boys at almost every other scene. The movie to me, was better than the book. Im pretty sure all the screaming girls with there Edward or Jacob shirts on thought so too. I would recommend this movie to everyone. It had me on my toes wondering what would happen next. Especially because of the surprise twist ending that wrapped the entire saga together. A movie has never had me so interested like this one. I am definitely going to buy this movie as soon as it comes out.

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