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December 9, 2012
As we draw near the holidays, thoughts of our favorite seasonal movies come to mind,
right? From older movies to newer releases, there’s always a sense of magic and tradition.
Sometimes though, it’s good to try and see new things. The movie It’s a Wonderful Life, made in the 1940’s, is a great example of watching something new and different if you’ve never seen
it before.

It follows the life of George Bailey, (played by James Stewart) a businessman, who has a positive impact on the lives of everyone around him in the small town of Bedford Falls. He runs the town’s Building and Loan, (started by his father) and so he can never travel or leave because he must always stay to prevent the evil Mr. Potter, (Lionel Barrymore) from taking over.

George is a very compassionate and generous man who helps people out with their
money problems. His family and friends love and care for him very much. However, when he
himself encounters a money shortage which will send him to jail and destroy his company, he
believes committing suicide will be the best thing for everybody. But his guardian angel,
Clarence, shows him how affectionate his friends and family are for him, and how precious life
really is.

This movie will warm the hearts of all who believe in Christmas miracles, and the strength of a loving family. It brings everyone closer together, making you appreciate how important your own life is. This movie also shows how sometimes you must sacrifice for the greater good. George fought for a cause that saved his hometown, and for that, he can’t leave or abandon his struggle. So, if you’re looking for a good Christmas movie to watch this year for the holidays, It’s a Wonderful Life is definitely something to see and enjoy.

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