In Time

December 3, 2012
By Anonymous

The Premiere of In time was October 28, 2011. In Time has top actors such as Justin Timberlake as the main character, Will Salas, who was stealing time from the rich and giving to the poor. Amanda Seyfried played as Sylvia Weis the girl who Will fell in love with and was his partner in crime. Matt Bomer died at the beginning of the movie when he gave all of his time to Will. Matt Bomer is very handsome and was one of the favorite characters because he changed Will’s life. Cillian Murphy wasn’t so much a main character but he was the time keeper kind of like a cop in their worlds. The director Andrew Niccol had a lot of creative scenes.

In this movie, In Time, everyone was born with time on their right arms. The time doesn’t start until your twenty-five. Everything is worth time instead of money and the more time you lose the less time you have to live. If you run out of time then you die suddenly. In the movie, there were different time zones and you can’t get out of your time zone unless you had a lot of time, so people just stayed in their time zones and you couldn’t help what you were born into. Justin Timberlake also known as Will played the main character who lived in the poorest time zone and his mother died right in his arms because she ran out of time. Will had saved a very wealthy man with over a century from the time thieves and that helped Will get out of the ghetto. When Will finally made it to the highest time zone he met Sylvia and they fell in love after robbing time banks and giving to the ghetto and poor time zones. The whole plot had me thinking but was really good. I would have had Will’s mother live and just him and his mom go travel the different time zones together. The whole theme of this movie is to show people how separate America is. The ghetto which Will lived in were dying day after day and no one in the higher time zones cared like America. America thinks were the perfect country, but we have people living poor and in the ghetto and they’re not doing anything to help. They just sit back and watch them die just like In time. I think this movie showed the real side of people and things in general. The other thing this movie shows is to live your life like you won’t wake up the next because in the ghetto they didn’t have much time, so they live worrying when they will die when the wealthy have too much to spare. Will in the movie steals from the rich banks and gives the rest of the time to the people who don’t have a lot.
If you watch this movie you will definitely love the plot and moral that it shows. After watching it you would definitely see life and this country different and would want to help others instead of sit back and watch if you’re wealthy. That is why I think this movie should be seen

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