Best 5 movies of 2012

November 26, 2012
This year is almost coming to an end, and with all the movies that came out, it would be nice to know which the best are.

Since this year came out with many different movies, narrowing it down to only 10 seemed to be the trend for many different websites.

According to, here is the list of the top ten movies of 2012:

Number one: The Dark Knight Rises.

A film by Christopher Nolan, takes place in Gotham City only eight years after the joker was taken out, and the batman disappeared out of sight. Gotham City was finally at peace. But now, things are going to change when a masked terrorist arrives. Thus cause the face behind batman’s mask, Bruce Wayne, to once again bring the Dark Knight back. To save the city.

Number two: The Avengers

A film by Joss Whedom. In this film, all the marvels super heroes are featured. Iron Man, The Incredible hulk, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the black widow. The agency S.H.I.E.L.D was cause to put all of these heroes together , so that they can learn to work together as a team, and defeat an unexpected threat to earth from outer space.

Number three: Skyfall

A film by Sam Mendes. Loyal Bond’s loyalty to M will be tested as her past comes taunt her. M16 is under attack, and 007 will have to track down and destroy the threat. No matter what may happen.

Number four: Argo

A film by Ben Affleck. CIA agent Tony Mendez makes a fake Hollywood film production in order to save a group of American diplomats. Who were sought to refuge in the Canadian ambassador’s home. Six members of the embassy staff hide behind closed doors, armed militants conduct thorough searches of local homes, and kill anyone suspected of harboring the Americans. Mendez come up with a risky plan to help get the American diplomats home, as he disguises himself as a director and try to expose the hidden people.

Number five: Looper

A film by Rain Johnson. Thirty years after the year 2047 time travel was invented. Immediately after it was outlawed, but the mob took quite a liking to this time travel. The mob used time travel to get rid of anyone who they thought to be a threat to them. They send the person back to the year 2047, and when the person arrives they are met with an assassin, known as the “looper”, who kills and get rid of the body. On one day the looper, Joe Simmons, is awaiting his next person, when he is surprised to see himself.

Number six: Moonrise Kingdom

A film by Wes Anderson. On an island off the coast of New England, two twelve year olds, who fell in love with one another, decide and agree to run away together into the wilderness. As various towns people search for them, there is a storm headed their way, and with all of this the town is turned upside down in more than one way. This may be what they needed.

Number Seven: Brave
A film by Mark Andrews. When a young princess makes a reckless choice, that make her whole kingdom have some consequences. Now she must build up the courage to face the curse head on in this mythical Scottish folk tale.

Number eight: Ted
A film by Seth MacFarlane. John Bennett, a grown man, must deal with his childhood wish. When he was a little kid, he wished that his teddy bear would come to life, and it had come true. John and his bear grew up together, so now the bear refuses to leave his side. Making john have to deal with him.
Number nine: Seven psychopaths

A film by Martin McDonagh. Marty is a struggling writer who just can think of how to finish his screen play “seven psychopaths”. Billy is Marty’s best friend, who is an unemployed actor, and part time dog thief. Billy so badly wants to hel0p Marty out, but all he needs is a little inspiration. Hans is Billy’s partner in crime, just a religious man with a dirty past. Charlie is a gangster who Marty and Billy just stole his dog. Charlie never thinks twice before killing people. Billy gets Marty to follow them around their hide out. This would be the perfect inspiration, if Marty will live through it.
Number ten: The secret world of Arrietty

A film by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. Arriethy, a tiny but tenacious 14 year old girl, lives with her parents in the recesses of a suburban garden home, unknown to the homeowner and housekeeper. Like all little people, she wants to remain hidden to the people around her. But 12 year old boy, comes to stay at them home she hides at, discovers her one night, a secret friendship blooms. But they must keep it a secret; otherwise her whole family would be in danger.

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