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November 17, 2012
By RyogoS SILVER, Tokyo, Other
RyogoS SILVER, Tokyo, Other
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“Casablanca.” I'm sure many of you have heard of this movie and are familiar with its big name. You may also know that the film won three Oscars. And although you know that it's a big deal, you can't be bothered to watch a movie from the ཤs. I used to be just like you. But think again, because “Casablanca” is more than just a black and white oldie.

Set in Casablanca in French-ruled Morocco, veteran director Michael Curtiz creates a touching melodramatic war movie like no other. Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, is a cynical man who sticks his neck out for nobody. Ilsa, played by Ingrid Bergman, is desperately fleeing the Nazis with her resistance leader husband, Victor Laszlo, played by Paul Henreid. Only one can escape. Both Ilsa and Laszlo are willing to sacrifice their freedom to let the other leave Casablanca. Who gets to leave is all up to Rick.

So what is it that makes this film so extraordinary? Every aspect of the film works together seamlessly. When you have exquisite cinematography, characters, music, dialogue, and an exceptional storyline, the result is “Casablanca,” a movie of the century.

“Casablanca” is more than just a great film. It's an allegory, a shining beacon of ­excellence, and a tug-of-war between love and warfare. ­Although it was set during one of the most gruesome wars in history, the film speaks of hope and freedom, bringing inspiration to the gloomy situation.

“Casablanca” is now celebrating its 70th anniversary. So why not spend an hour and forty minutes to get a buzz out of a true work of art. After all, it comes from a time when film was still art.

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