House at the End of the Street

October 24, 2012
By mrfilley101 SILVER, Rockport, Maine
mrfilley101 SILVER, Rockport, Maine
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I don’t think I can call myself a fan of horror anymore, it’s movies like this the show people who think horror is dead that they may be right, and I try and make the case that horror is still thriving, but then movies like The House at the End of the Street come by and put a big black hole through my case. So, do you want to know who the killer is? Well, you will much later on, because I’m going to be a massive jerk and spoil the whole thing, because in my mind, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you either don’t care, or hate horror altogether, so to help you save money, I will let out the big secret later. The movie begins with Jennifer Lawrence and her mother moving into a new home that has become affordable, all because of the legend behind the house at the end of street, where a murder took place 4 years earlier. The whole film sets this up as some big mystery, and Jennifer needs to know what happened. Supposedly, a young girl by the name of Carrie Ann killed both her parents one night, and the older brother comes back to take care of the house. The whole town hates this boy and his house, and he is seen as a menace, although we are told he hasn’t done anything, just trying to go to school, enjoy what life he has left. Of course, Jennifer Lawrence is attracted to him because isn’t like the other boys in school, he’s so misunderstood, blah blah blah, it’s the same old, same old. Nothing new here, you can pretty much count all the times you say to yourself, ‘oh man, how many times have I seen that before?’. There is this whole subplot with Jennifer being good with music, but it really serves no purpose, and doesn’t move the already boring story forward in anyway, I guess it was the filmmakers attempt to add some character development to her, but it didn’t really work, because I still didn’t know much about her as it was. And that goes for the entire cast, except for the older brother who lives in the HATES (house at the end of the street), and we don’t learn about his complete past until the final frames of the film. The body count is very low in this film, which I found surprising for a horror film like this, but maybe, just maybe, the filmmakers were trying to add some atmosphere instead of blood, which I guess I could applaud them for, but for a movie this bad, I really shouldn’t give them any credit. The mother of Jennifer in the movie is one of the most attractive older parents I’ve seen in a movie like this in a while, but I did find her character very annoying, and, I hate to say it, but her acting is terrible. Jennifer Lawrence is the best thing about the film, all the side characters aren’t worth piddle, considering we learn almost NOTHING about them, it really doesn’t matter in the end. Jennifer Lawrence does a decent job for the role she was given, and you can’t help but want her to live, because she is just one of the actresses that you want to see survive. She does good with every role she is given, and there is no reason she should have been in this film, period. Jennifer, dear, please don’t make this a habit of being in a really good movie, Hunger Games, and then picking garbage like this. I’m hopeful that this is just one blunder in her pretty steady career. So, as I mentioned before, I would spoil the ending, so MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD: The whole movie we are made to think that the sister, Carrie Ann, was the killer. As it turns out, the older brother was the killer. When the two were kids, Carrie Ann dies in the swing set accident, and the parents go nuts and dress up the older brother as Carrie Ann, causing him to go insane as well. We see Ryan, the boy’s name, keeping who we think is Carrie Ann locked away in the basement, but as it turns out, it was a fake. Ryan is just crazy, and the end of the film shows him locked away in a mental institution, which is where I will be going if I have to watch another boring, clichéd mess of a horror film again. Horror is still active, but its movies like HATES that try and destroy that notion. Why this movie was made is beyond me, and I guess we will never know. So in conclusion, everything assumption you made about this film was right, and there is no reason AT ALL to watch this film. Avoid like the plague.

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Another boring PG-13 horror film

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