War Horse

October 23, 2012
By LOVE-horses BRONZE, Del Mar, California
LOVE-horses BRONZE, Del Mar, California
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Touching. Instant classic. Suspenseful. War Horse is a true must-see masterpiece.

Albert and Joey’s story takes place in Devon, England. Albert (Jeremy Irvine), a young boy, has recently been acquainted with Joey, the family’s meant-to-be plow horse. With World War I approaching fast, Albert’s father (Peter Mullan) is forced to sell the horse to the calvary. Albert signs up for the army, too, determined not to loose his best friend.

Both horse enthusiasts and historians will love this feel-good film by Steven Spielberg. This movie is not for war-film fanatics who want a fast-paced blood-and-gore thriller; although there are many war scenes that make you sit on the edge of your seat. In contrast, the audience feels relaxation in the quaint, rural setting of Devon, England. Horse-lovers will absolutely fall in love with this film that tugs at your heartstrings by merging the lives of a boy and horse that results in a bond like no other.

Do you love the unforgettable classic, "Little House on the Prairie" Similarly, this true story shows strong characters that have the qualities needed to overcome hardships, and, in the end, they triumph, proving that friendship can overcome anything if it were truly meant to be.

No wonder War Horse was nominated for many Oscars as being a thrilling, action-packed, yet heartwarming story. Emotionally powerful, beautiful to look at, you won’t forget this passionate thriller! 5/5

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