the great debaters

October 19, 2012
By bridizzles GOLD, Marion, Iowa
bridizzles GOLD, Marion, Iowa
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The great debaters is on of most inspirational stories it is based on true story of the Melvin b Tolson a professor at Wiley college Texas in 1935 he inspired the first black debate team to go to HaRVard collage this movie is good because it make you want to laugh cry and believe that sometimes dreams come true even when no one believes in you.

In the beginning of most interesting parts was when Mr. Farmer (forest Whitaker) said” when I was a child is spoke as a child I understood as a child I thought as a child but when I was a ma I put all my childish behavior away”. When Samantheooke (Jurnee Smollett) talked for first time she was suppose to argue about welfare she said the most important source was “like the look in a mothers fed when she can’t fed her kids”. Mr. Tolson (Denzel Washington) was the teacher for the debate team when he told everybody who got on the team he said “somehow black is educated with frailer”. The quote Mr. Tolson said shows that back in 1935 how much people believed in blacks.

In the middle one of most entertaining and inspirational part ofmoviee was when the stared debating on why blacks and whites should go to same collage together Henry Lowe (Nate Parker) said “big fish eats little fish but the color of the fish doesn’t matter”. When the debate team went against their first white collage debate the debate was off campus because didn’t want the black debate team on campus which was wrong but was part of culture in 1935. Samantherooke’s most inspirational debate was when they went against Oklahoma state university Brooks said “as long as schools are separated Negros will receive a education that is both separate and unequal my own Oklahoma’s reckoning the state is currently spends five times more on white students than clod students that means better books for that student than that student”.
At the very end all the work the debate team went through was worth everything the debate them got to go against HaRVard university James farmer jr (Denzel Whitaker) quote was one of best quotes in themoviee he said “In Texas they lench Negros my team and I saw a man hung up and burned I looked at my team mates and saw the fear in their eyes was the man a killer a thief or just a negro”. James quote won the debate against HaRVard.

The great debaters is one of most best based one true storymoviees it is both inspirational and historical it shows how hard work and faith can make our dreams come true and how people with not a lot of opportunities never let that get them down

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