The Dark Knight Rises

October 8, 2012
By PancakePete BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
PancakePete BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
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The third in a trilogy of batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan, this is the final installment in this series, though you did not have to see the other two to fully enjoy this movie.

The main character, batman of course, or if you’re lucky enough to know his secret identity, Bruce Wayne, is an inspiring, gritty, and realistic believable hero. The antagonist as shown in the trailers is indeed Bane, but Nolan’s Bane is exponentially different than DC Bane, not only in character design but also in backstory, instead of a sort of wrestler type getup he adorns a mask only covering his mouth and a piece crossing his eyes. The plot of the story boiled down without giving too much away is that Bane is capable of beating Batman, but can Batman overcome this?

Christian Bale played the role of the Batman, and boy was he a Batman, he worked perfectly in the beginning of the movie, when Bruce was all beaten down and looking aged. And all the way through for that matter, it was fun watching him evolve.
Tom Hardy as Bane, what the man does only with his eyes is terrifying, I think as an actor without the use of most of your facial expression would be an insurmountable obstacle, but what he says with his eyes says miles over what he could of said with any other facial part. His voice also was very entertaining to listen to; I myself have been working on my Bane impression.

I really liked this movie, only having vague memories of the first of this trilogy I cannot compare them effectively. But this has to be one of my favorite movies of the last couple of years, and made me a Batman fan for sure. I especially loved the soundtrack; Bane’s theme by Hans Zimmer was simply a masterpiece. The only thing I didn’t like was the whole ending thing with Bane, which I cannot go into detail about. But left me kind of disappointed in him as a character.

I believe the moral of TDKR, or any Batman movie for that matter is that anybody can be a hero, any random person can be a hero, that was the feeling I got from Batman, because nobody knows who he is, he could be anyone. It encourages people to step up in their time and be the hero that their city needs.

I would have to say the target audience would be Pre-teens to Teens, there is a lot of violence, but not too much is graphic. As long as you are not afraid of having a good time then none of that should bother you.

I give this movie nine out of ten, only due to my personal opinion on Bane’s fate. But other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

The writer of this review is Hunter, an intriguing man who keeps to himself when not at school, but when he is in public he talks to everyone, maybe a little too much talking. Doesn’t have a job but enjoys going to school. Is a swimmer, outdoor adventurer, and good friend.

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