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October 8, 2012
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The movie is called Fast Five. It is about a group of street racers who help a convict escape. They travel to Rio Brazil for safety. There they are introduced to a man that runs the drug scene and he gets them into trouble.

The group of street racers whose names are Sean, Mia and Dom are doing a unknown job for money. They get on a train to take back inpounded cars. They got the cars and took the wroing one Reios team needed it back. They never found them. Brian and dom wanted more, they got a team of twenty people and took all of reios money pulling the safe with 2 Shebly ggt 500 all wheel drive mustangs.

Paul walker plays sean in the movie and Vin Diesl plays dom in the movie. Leti Cia plays Mia in the movie, and Zi Zi pays Reios. They did a good job acting in the movie, it seemed very realistic.

I thought the movie was pretty good i liked all the scenes with action the special effects and what not were very awesome. I love cars and street racing and this movie is perfect for teenagers and up. I disliked that not as many racers win in the movie like the pervious. Overall i think it was a good movie go watch it someday.

The theme in this movie is running away from the FBI and escaping so they will not go to prison. The moral would be that if you can steal billions of dollar than you can change your identity and not go to prison.

The age recommended for this move would be teens and up, depending on how well you can take the movie it would be recommended for age sixteen and up. Most adults over forty wouldn’t watch this movie just depending on what kind of movies that you like, if you like action and cars you would probably like this movie.

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