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September 11, 2012
….hdfgagffar….zzzzZZZZ…ugh! What? What is going on? Where am I? Oh, I must be back in one of my reviews. Yes, I know I’ve been gone for the last few months, and before you all pounce at the comment section, yes, I have seen plenty of movies the last few months, but nothing has jumped out at me to review. I’m really looking forward this month cause we got some pretty interesting titles coming, such as Dredd (not Dredd 3D, that’s stupid), Resident Evil 5, House at the end of the street, and so on. So, what am I doing for my review today? A little film that came out recently known only as Lawless. For those who haven’t heard about this film, go out and look for it, because it is worth every penny. Now, let me first say that this film isn’t perfect, far from it, but its intense performances, awesome set piece moments, and plenty of violence to keep things going. The film takes place during the early days of the 1930’s, and follows three brothers who are becoming one of the best Moonshine producers, and a hot shot deputy from Chicago comes in, in order to try and get a taste of the action, but when Forest, the oldest brother, refuses his offer, this man from Chicago decides to wage war on him and every moonshiner in the region. Thus the film begins, and gives a taste of what life was like back then during that time. Tom Hardy plays the main brother Forest, and for those who remember Bronson or even The Dark Knight Rises know how much of a powerhouse this man truly is, and this film is no exception. His performance is the best in the movie, and shows that his talents are no fluke. He truly is a force to be had, and gives a performance that is scary as hell. Shia Labeof does what he does, and he does a decent job, he plays the innocent third brother, and his performance is some what expected, I see a lot of his other characters in this movie, but that doesn’t make him bad, just the same as always. Guy Pierce plays the main bad guy of this story, and he plays a terrific villain, someone who you just want dead through out the entire story. He plays the guy coming in from Chicago and when Tom Hardy refuses his offer, he doesn’t take that very well, and wages war on the brothers. He vows to take down the entire Moonshine operation, and very nearly does. Now the biggest issue with the film is that the story really is hard to follow at certain times, and it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere for stretches of time. But this a film that is a solid effort, if not an Oscar contender. The film is quiet violent, so be warned going into this if you are not one for violence. Sorry this review is so short, I wish I had more to say on it, but good movies are hard to review for me, because I enjoy tearing films apart, and is much easier to do, but this month we are getting some really good movies…(Resident Evil: Retribution)…well, maybe I was wrong…

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