The Dark Knight

September 3, 2012
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Chloejournal DIAMOND, Devon, Other
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He’s back. Is he better? The long awaited return of the one and only Batman has crash landed back onto our screens with a difference. The new Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’ has arrived with flair and hi-tech style. Bursting back on the scene with full force and action is the character adored by millions. The trademarks live on, but the minor tweaks and transformations that have been made have pull Batman cape first into the 21st Century. Hold onto your seats for this advanced gadget and morality questioning ride. No expense has been spared on this futuristic blockbuster full of modern gadgets, special effects and drama. Try not to love this film full to the brim with explosions, intense fight scenes alive with nail biting drama. ‘The Dark Knight’ has been filled with everything that you could possibly want to make a breath taking film, and more. Starring an array of famous names and faces such as Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Maggie Gylenhall.
The return of the main man Bruce Wayne/The Batman is back, for what is bound to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride. The billionaire has the best materialistically and also the best of intentions. Bat mobiles, capes, fights and saving the world: all in a days work for the ordinary man with a master plan to save the city which he holds so dear. Christian Bale brings the character to life with true flair and talent. The city of Gotham is unaware of their dependency on Bruce Wayne who is actually The Batman. It could be perceived that he is the good force trying to hold together the uncontrollable opposing force threatening to tear the city apart. One man, one secret. One hero. He is, The Batman.
Nothing compares to the beloved character of The Batman. Christian Bale exceeds expectations which were already spectacularly high. The featured voice changer in the film has sparked controversy; it has been argued that it should be included to mask Bruce Wayne’s voice so that characters in the film are not suspicious of his identity. The opposing argument is that the voice is distracting and many critics have targeted this as a negative feature of the film as it has been branded as unsuitable. This particular voice may not have been ideal but once you become used to the new voice of The Batman it becomes a distant memory as you enjoy this triumphant film.
The smarmy, smeared and smug appearance of The Joker mirrors his personality; this returns with The Batman. The Joker. Those two words combined provoke many associations to the mind of the audience of this film from past experiences with the character. Heath Ledger plays the fiend battling with evil intentions throughout the film. Watch his little ‘magic tricks’ in awe and often disgust. Ledger plays and lives this character with outstanding quality. His performance (last completed role) is truly mesmerising.
Chaotic hair, make up and mind. The Joker has been taken on in many different ways, by many different actors. Previously, the make up would been pristine and kept in perfect condition. In ‘The Dark Knight’ this has all changed. Gradually as the film progresses the make up bleeds out across his face. More than ever the face of The Joker reflects the unstable state of mind of this man. The first impressions introduce the perfectly edged make up and through the film time takes it toll on both the mind and the face of The Joker. His animalistic licking of his lips only enhances the effect of the insane nature of The Joker. His frequent animal like mannerisms draw the eye to the make up slathered scars on the face of this man.
Aaron Eckhart brings Harvey Dent to life. Harvey Dent spends the majority of his time attempting to improve Gotham with Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gylenhall). Undertaking this task seemingly consumes their lives. They attempt to save their city from the state of madness and despair that it seems to be sinking into. Eckhart takes on the role and truly makes it his own. Nearing the end of the film you forget first impressions that you had of his character and see him in a new light, proving that you should always turn the other cheek on first impressions. Rachel Dawes is a sassy and sophisticated character with a lot of impact on most of the male characters in the film, seemingly having a hold over them all. The character that Maggie Gylenhall plays fits her like a glove so it may seem. The actress ensures that her character has a strong impact on the audience of the film and ultimately causes them to make a dramatic decision regarding morals.
Gotham city is the setting of the 152 minute long journey of highs, lows, fast paced action and gripping terror which is without a single dull moment. The city could be perceived as a representation of the morality and condition of the human race, descending into a downward spiral over time. The people of Gotham could be viewed as being naïve, vulnerable and helpless to what happens when the city sleeps. Gotham as a location is seemingly average but the average exterior unveils the underlying chaos. Parts of the town have gone to ruin at the hands of The Joker whilst other parts are involved in the fight to the death to sustain normality for the city.
There has been controversy over the age rating awarded to the film. Harbouring many scenes of violence, the 12A film has been criticised for the age rating. This is because of the influential nature of the media and film industry and it’s exposure to varied ages. It is said that children of a younger age are influenced by what they hear and see, so it is argued that they may be influenced by the scenes of ‘The Dark Knight’. The violence of the film carries on throughout and there are scenes in particular that may be frightening and inappropriate for children to watch. This is because it may result in mimicking what they have seen, also the images may even result in nightmares.
The camera angles in the film help to make the viewer feel part of the story. In one scene when The Joker is hanging his upper body out of a car, gun in hand the camera angles help to define the scene. The background of the scene is darker and more blurred in comparison to the focal point which if The Joker. Amongst the pandemonium he is there creating the terror which reigns over Gotham. Both the car and The Joker are swaying together, it’s almost as if he is at one with the chaotic lifestyle that he leads. The tracking shots used throughout the film are used to involve and engross the viewer in the action at hand. Batman is on the bat mobile in one scene in a high speed chase and a point of view (POV) camera angle is used to make the viewer feel like they are in the film and have involvement in the unfolding drama.
This film is one to be watched. Who is proved right? What happens? Well, revealing that would spoil the surprise. Expect the unexpected with this action packed thriller. Director and screen writer Christopher Nolan definitely deserves praise for this stunning masterpiece. ‘When the chips are down people turn on each other’, is a featured line in the film with great significance. This is a masterpiece to be proud of; serious moment s and those with humour have been weaved together to create ‘The Dark Knight’, the must watch film.
Overall, this film is a real thrilling and exhilarating ride on the wild side with the best characters which are interpreted by talented actors. The arrival of ‘The Dark Knight’ was worth waiting for. This is what entertainment is really all about. You will be on the edge of your seats, rubbing your eyes and holding your breath in amazement and disbelief in this showstopper. The true meanings of the different things said by each character will leave you speechless, the symbolism and hidden definitions help to make this film what it is. He’s back. It’s here. Watch and enjoy.

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One of my favourite films of all time, couldn't help but write about it!

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