Total Recall

August 19, 2012
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This is the remake of the movie with the same name. So it's safe to say if you saw the original, you will probably know everything that will happen. Now before I start this review I want to say that I did not watch the original.

Let me start of by saying that the CGI in this film is gorgeous! I swear this film looks AMAZING! I love the dis-Utopian future. But I'll talk about this later. This movie stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bokeem Woodbine, Bill Nighy, and John Cho. The story is about a man named Doug Quiad who is married to Kate Beckinsale and works at a robot factory. And apparently he has a terrible life even though he is married to Kate Beckinsale. So he goes to REKALL which is supposed to change your "world." It's basically a good(or bad) dream but instead of waking up, you stay in that world. So he goes to REKALL and after that happens, his life basically goes to the deep depths of hell. That's pretty much the base. The story is pretty Inceptionish.

OKAY! Now that I finished with the plot I will gush out about how FANTASTIC the CGI is. The city is the highlight of the film. I love how they made huge cities. Since if it's the future, there is obviously going to be lots of overpopulation and so they make the city have lots of layers. The bottom being the toxic, dilapidated one, and the top being the high class skyscrapers. It looks gorgeous! The action in the film is also pretty good, but there are much more chases than there are gun fights which I quite like. You don't get nail biting scenes by a big shoot out scenes. You get nail biting scenes by the main character never being safe and always delayed by someone always chasing them. You know, in some movies the main character is being delayed. For example: The main character is planting a bomb on a fast moving truck and the driver is trying make him get off so the truck is swaying and the character drops the bomb to another part of the truck. That causes suspense. This movie had a bit of that.

Some problems are that some characters are just not shown or fleshed out as much as they should. His wife is a much, much bigger villain than what the movie says that it should. You see the "main" villain about 3(random guess) times and at the final fight. You see the wife chase him, and shoot him a LOT more. Also there are 2 characters that are pretty essential with the story and they get killed off a couple of scenes after Quaid meets him in person.

Overall this was a very fun movie. It has some obvious flaws but who cares!? I think the critics looked at this movie the wrong way. This isn't supposed to make you lose sleep over the story and it's characters, it's supposed to give you a simple storyline and give you great visuals. And at the end of the day That's what we all need.

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