July 26, 2012
By Maruf SILVER, Woodside, New York
Maruf SILVER, Woodside, New York
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A recent movie I just watched, literally just minutes ago of writing this movie review was “LOL” directed by Lisa Azuelos. This review is not necessary me giving a summary of the movie but definitely reflecting the life of an everyday teenager. LOL stars Miley Cyrus as Lola but her friends call her LOL in the movie and Demi Moore, who is playing the role of a mother named Anne. Even though the focus of the movie is the relationship between a daughter and a mother, many more other characters play a big role in the movie and will be introduced along the review. The basic rundown of the movie is that it captures what it is like to be a teenager in our generation.

This movie is truly for teenagers and parents because both parties can relate to a teenage life. It does not matter if you are a teenager trying to live, or a mother of a teen trying to be the best parent you can possibly be; both of you can watch this and relate. From teenage relationships to drugs/alcohol, to just being a parent, this movie covers all grounds. As a teenager myself about to turn 20 in 23 hours, and as a guy that has also truly been through all the hardships, stress, misunderstanding, committing sins or anything else a teenage does, I have also faced these challenges and continue facing them in my early adulthood.

The movie is able to show the development of the relationship between Lola and her mother, Anne. The director is able to show no matter what a child goes through, the parents will always be protective of their child and want the best for them. However, it also shows, at times a parent has to give more freedom to the child, especially as a teenager because our teenage years are the most difficult years of our youth. That is something, a teenager can only understand. With the romantic relationships, friendships, and just our secret journal/diary, we face many problems.

With Lola, she starts with being dumped by her boyfriend Chad who is played by George Finn. However, she is surprised by her best friend, promising musician Kyle, played by Douglas Booth who reveals his feelings for her. Lola chance of having a class trip to France gets in jeopardy when her mother sees she is not keeping up her grades. Anne is dating James, played by Jay Hernandez who convinces Anne to let Lola go to Paris, making her realize the things Lola is doing and is going through are truly the life of a real teenager. Needless to say, Lola has divorced parents. Afterwards, after coming to a realization of her mistake, Anne lets Lola go to Paris with her friends as a class trip.

Things take a turn for the bad when Anne accidently finds Lola’s diary while looking for her sweater that Lola took to Paris. When Lola finds, she gets furious and goes to live with her dad played by Thomas Jane. However, when Lola understands her mistake of running out on her mother and getting furious over her, vice versa, she returns home and reunites with her mother.

This whole problem of a parent and child is seen in reality TV Shows and is definitely the major problem the director is able to focus on. A thing to learn that parents seem to never learn is when it comes to teen problem let them deal with their own problems and to be there for support. If they want help, understanding they will come to you and ask the parent for advice. It is very hard to be a teenager and sometimes parents are a pain in our behind. Parents can be very difficult to deal with or very helpful. Over protection is not the way to go about being a parent.

In the end, we find out LOL does not stand for what we teenagers like to use it for; laughing out loud, rather LOTS OF LOVE.

My rating for this movie is 10/10 because teenagers and parents truly can relate to this and the transitions of the movie and storyline makes sense and is done very well.

The author's comments:
I recently finished watching this movie, literally just minutes ago.

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HHarris said...
on Aug. 8 2012 at 3:21 am
I Loved this movie. Great movie on our lives as a teen. I Loved Miley Cyrus's role.


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